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XBLA: Perfect Dark Patch Inbound

If you have been one of the many gamers affected by Perfect Dark issues which include Achievements not unlocking as they should and over sensitive controls - a new update will be released soon to fix some game complaints and add a new ‘Hardcore’ playlist to the options menu.

The Update Includes:

  • Fix for Achievement bugs so that ‘Tools of the Trade’ can be unlocked.
  • Aim sensitivity sliders will be added to the options menu.
  • Legacy and Southpaw control settings will be added to the options menu.
  • Players will now be able to swap triggers.
  • Hardcore Playlist will be added with the removal of radar and auto-aim functions.

No exact date has been announced for the patch, but when it is out of Microsoft Certification you will be prompted for a title update. Perfect Dark Patch Inbound newsvine:XBLA: Perfect Dark Patch Inbound furl:XBLA: Perfect Dark Patch Inbound reddit:XBLA: Perfect Dark Patch Inbound fark:XBLA: Perfect Dark Patch Inbound Y!:XBLA: Perfect Dark Patch Inbound gamegrep:XBLA: Perfect Dark Patch Inbound

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