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Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced

US retailers GameStop, has listed details of the official Xbox 360 USB Drives which it claims will start shipping from April 6th. This is the same date that the dash update will hit consoles connected to Xbox LIVE for a USB Memory enabling patch that will allow gamers to save games and DLC on ‘ANY’ compatible USB memory device.

The official Xbox 360 branded USB device will come pre-loaded with the update and is guaranteed to work on all Xbox 360 consoles, whilst other USB devices will need to be plugged into the console for a compatibility check. Further more, the update will allow 2 USB devices up to 16GB each plugged into the console as Microsoft have now discontinued production of their own Memory Cards and HDD’s under 250GB.

GameStop Listing:

Carry your game with the SanDisk Xbox 360 USB Flash Drive. Now you can take your profile anywhere you want to play. Arcade console owners can take full advantage of Xbox LIVE to connect with friends and competitors in the on-line world by downloading games, player content, music and video.

The pre-configured Xbox 360 USB Flash Drive by SanDisk provides not only a seamless experience, but also comes with a 1 month Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Just plug it in, experience all that Xbox LIVE has to offer, and take your game saves and gamertag with you wherever you go.

Anyone wishing to purchase the official Xbox 360 USB device by SanDisk can choose between the 8GB version for $39.99 or the 16GB version for $69.99. The average price for a non Xbox 360 branded SanDisk 16GB USB device is $30.00.

That sure is an expensive 1 month of included Xbox LIVE Gold membership! Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced newsvine:Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced furl:Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced reddit:Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced fark:Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced Y!:Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced gamegrep:Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced

19 comments on 'Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Overpriced'

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Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-03-30 04:01:21 | Reply

Wow, there gonna take some shit for that F-up. At least put a 3 month gold on there and throw in some older arcade games. Some Avatar items would be a nice touch also if you want to charge that much. I usally don’t bitch about price but this is just stupid.

Comment by TWOshay2 on 2010-03-30 04:49:20 | Reply

Yea that’s crazy I think tha 8GB iz right on (give or take a few bucks) but 70 for a 16GB hell no. They should thro som extras n for that. But atleast u don’t have 2 buy them…..who will anyway? I own a 4GB transcend for $25. PSN:TWOshay2 XBL:TWOshay2

I’d give 6 months Live. Microsoft knows that there will be mommies and daddies who buy the 360 branded drive because it’s branded.

Comment by TWOshay2 on 2010-03-30 04:53:28 | Reply

I found an 8GB on walmart website for $18 I’m going to look into it I need tha extra memory. XBL:TWOshay2. PSN: (sucks) TWOshay2

Reaaaallllllly want some people to play with huh?

You can find a 16GB for half that price online…

Comment by NEEEED on 2010-03-30 15:01:12 | Reply

what, microsoft/xbox live trying to take an obscene amount of money from their customers really? i don’t know what to say, isn’t Bill Gates the richest man in the world yet? WTF? he should’ve put the ms points on the cod maps to 2400 points, idiot!!!

Comment by stumpa on 2010-03-30 15:44:18 | Reply

microsoft overchargeing for accessories i don’t believe it

They should have called this the ‘Stimulus’ USB Drive

Comment by Tony on 2010-03-30 17:16:24 | Reply

Why are people even complaining?!?!?! You can use any so stop moaning!!!

Comment by NEEEED on 2010-03-30 17:17:08 | Reply

we are moaning at the price you tool.

But why moan about a price you don’t have to pay?

Comment by DaveBG on 2010-03-31 14:16:04 | Reply

At those prices what sort of tool would use anything but any other brand?

Comment by Bokx on 2010-03-31 16:15:30 | Reply

$23 for a kingston 128GB usb drive on eBay… 128GB!!!!!

Now I only hope there is a way to get the xbox software on it.

Comment by Jason Andrews on 2010-03-31 17:01:25 | Reply

You can, the console will allow you to partition up to 16GB only for Xbox360 use. No matter what the size of USB drive anyone buys - only 16GB can be used by the console, the other 112GB will be left for PC/Laptops

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2010-03-31 19:07:50 | Reply

That I can get behind. Though I already have a sandisk 8 GB for my personal use, I’m barely scratching 512 MB’s on it. So if I want to say take the saves from my existing Xbox branded 512 MB memory card (game saves, etc, in case 360 melts, etc) to my flash drive, so much more convenient.

Plus I’m running low on memory on the 512, only some 75mb left after game saves.

Comment by Tony on 2010-04-01 13:36:22 | Reply

Why do people think that Microsoft allowed this for HDD’s. That usb drive it obviously fake.

Comment by Article Reader on 2010-04-01 03:28:39 | Reply

Just buy a PS3 u could load an infinite Amount of flashdrives into that beast

Comment by TheGlovner on 2010-04-02 13:47:56 | Reply

True, but it’s shit, none of my mates play online with it and xbox live is better.

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