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MW2: Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE]

The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package was released on Xbox LIVE at exactly 1:44pm UK time. A 329MB download for five maps that some gamers have waited all morning for, but current issues are preventing them from being played.

Before the maps was released a ‘Stimulus’ playlist update had been introduced on the Modern warfare 2 matchmaking menu, but unfortunately this allows for any gamer to join - even those without the maps and thousands of gamers are currently clogging up the lobbies in the anticiaption that ‘Crash’ (which seems to appear that is already on the disc) will load. Any player currently in the lobby without the maps are preventing the match from starting and since there are quite a few, it is ruining the game for those who have spent their hard earned 1200 MS Points who are yet to experience the new content.

To ease the current Mapathy pain, a new title update which should have been released before the new maps will hit later today preventing those without the maps from joining the ‘Stimulus’ lobbies. The update will also address a few known multiplayer glitches and make the new content playable in Private Matches. Highrise, Invasion, Skidrow, and Terminal will be added to the HQ Pro playlist, but the good news is that from today - Double XP will be available to all on the Stimulus Package Maps.

Until you are prompted for a title update today on Modern Warfare 2, you will be unlikely to play any of the Stimulus Package Maps. A Double XP weekend event is still going ahead as planned for all playlists.

We will keep you posted.


Major Nelson has tweeted that a title update prompt is in place, but they are putting in the latest version.

“If ur getting “Can’t download the update” that’s us putting the latest update in place. Excuse our dust, we’ll be done ASAP.” via @MajorNelson


The UK Editor of Xbox LIVE has sated that it may take up to four hours before the update is in place.

Stimulus Package update: The Title Update is currently being prepped, but could take four hours to appear everywhere once it’s ready. via @MrPointyHead


The title update has now been rolled out to players, but futher problems include “Communication with the Xbox LIVE servers has been interrupted” Until the update has been reached by all Modern Warfare 2 players, some of you will still experience some minor difficulties. Including those without the update - still stupidly joining the Stimulus lobby! Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE] newsvine:MW2: Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE] furl:MW2: Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE] reddit:MW2: Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE] fark:MW2: Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE] Y!:MW2: Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE] gamegrep:MW2: Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE]

23 comments on 'MW2: Today Mapathy Hits Gamers Hard [UPDATE]'

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Comment by Strawbs on 2010-03-30 15:33:48 | Reply

LAME! It’s a good thing I’m at work and not home trying to play. It better be fixed before I get home! I plan on playing for a few hours.

I am getting prompted for the title update now - but says unable to download!! Also because of that it wont start the game at all to even let me play the other maps on disc!!

Comment by Jim on 2010-03-30 15:51:02 | Reply

What a greedy incompetent bunch at xboxlive & infinityward, so ready to make a dollar, then rush a updated map pack through only for it not function properly. Shame on you

“Just like Toyota sacrifice quality to make a dollar-and where did that get them”

Comment by Aaron on 2010-03-30 16:27:55 | Reply

I keep getting disconnected from Live when I try to download the update. Is that happening to everyone else too? Or are you getting other types of error messages?

Well, this is definitely a ballot by gamers saying, “Charge us more for less!” Good job.

Comment by NEEEED on 2010-03-30 17:19:16 | Reply

iw/xbox live - fail

Major Nelson just twittered: “Matchmaking is in a bad state on Xbox LIVE right now. We’re working on it and will resolve it as quickly as we can.”

Comment by toyota4x4 on 2010-03-30 18:19:18 | Reply

HAHAHA!!! Damn the name fits what is happening to the damn t huh?! I mean obamas stimulus package failed…now IW stimulus package failed!! Im just gonna continue to laugh…..

Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-03-30 19:52:36 | Reply

I was able to run trough the new maps in a private match but not ranked.

Yeah, I’m glad I’m not buying these. Saved myself a lot of trouble.

Comment by H34RT 4TT4CK on 2010-03-30 21:15:55 | Reply

Pass, I figured there’d be a remake of the 2 ported maps, but they’re just repackaged. My brother is playing the new maps, but despite the shouting and ranting, I’m not at all incensed to spend 15 bucks.

Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-03-30 21:46:33 | Reply

MS will get this fixed and all will be good again. Not sure why there is so many problems as of late. I know there was staff cuts a while back maybe where seeing the results of that. Don’t know but I still like to play MW2 and the 15 dollar price shouldn’t be an issue for the time spent playing. Also since I’m the one who pay’s all the bills in my family I can tell you that everything has gone up in price latly. You can’t go by “Oh it was only this much last year” That just not the way the Free Market System works.

I’ve not had any problems in the last few hours - I really am pleased with the new maps, especially Bailout! Also the other 2 from CoD4 have better lighting in areas and I can see some improvements, they just appear brighter LOL!! Also very very weird to see MW2 Killstreaks on a CoD4 map!!!

For me who is a huge CoD fan, depserate for new maps - I hold my hand up & accept that I would probably pay anything for new content! But for casual CoD gamers who could pick it up, leave it, go back to it later - then yeah I think those people should stay away from what they consider over priced maps.

The price for this was set by Activision & Microsoft with no say from Infinity Ward - they just do as they’re told by Activision.

Unfortunately Infinity Ward are there to think about the gamers, but Activision & MS - it’s just business, business, business…share holders, share holders, share holders!

Also lets not forget that there are only two map packs planned for MW2, with the 2nd likely to have 5 maps also, so this works out at 2400 for 10 Multiplayer Maps over the life of the game. Now compare it to last years CoD which was 9 Multiplayer Maps for 2400.

9 MP maps plus 4 zombie maps.

This is 1200 points for three new maps… two are from the last game. If I wanted to play them I’d play COD4 again. :P

They are bound to be reduced in price or be some deal of the week eventually!! I would be right pissed off though if these were 800 MS Points by next month!

Comment by Joel on 2010-03-30 23:13:30 | Reply

I have downloaded the map pack and title update successfully. I still can’t play a new map though, either on LIVE or a private match. Every time it gets to the Map load screen, it says Game Error: Unable to Read Disc. It sure isn’t my disc, because I can do everything but access the new maps.

Anyone got anything on this?

Maybe try clearing the memory cache under device options and re-download the update - or install the game to HDD and see if you get the same message. I haven’t had any problems with that.

Comment by Joel on 2010-03-31 01:04:53 | Reply

I’ve cleared cache and re-downloaded several times. I’ll try to install to HDD.

It has been the worst Map Pack launch ever hasn’t it ! Hope you get it fixed, since the maps are really quite good!

Comment by Joel on 2010-03-31 01:18:58 | Reply

Thanks. I’ve searched all over and only found one other problem like it that someone noted on the IW forums. It’s really quite odd because everything else on the disk works.

Comment by Joel on 2010-03-31 01:32:30 | Reply

Update: Installing to HDD did not work. Same error message. I’m not going to try to clean the disc extra-well.

Comment by phillip on 2010-03-31 08:14:49 | Reply

im having that problem with “crash”. keeps saying its unable to read disc, but only for that one map. all other new content works great. my disc is in perfect condition, and i have it installed to hd. it sucks, plz tell me if you find out anything.

Comment by ben on 2010-04-02 19:17:07 | Reply

i am having the same problem. no maps work, and the cant read disc message keeps apperaing. i tried the clear cache and re- download thing, still dont work. wtf is wrong with it????

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