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Recent Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake

GameKings, a Dutch website earlier today claimed to have first hand shots of the Xbox 360 Slim straight out of the box and had even referred to it as codename Napoleon. Other gaming news websites picked up on the claims and posted the leaked images - however on first glance, Xboxic can confirm that the images are of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player.

The image shown to the left was posted by GameKings with the accompanying news:

“…our network of knowledgeable insiders had the first shots! So here for you fresh out of the box the pictures of the Xbox 360 (codename Napoleon)”

Now maybe they have never seen an Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player before and consider it a miracle how Microsoft could fit such technology of the Xbox 360 console into that small case, but since the lack of HDD, HDMI & Component Cables - it just could be possible!

The Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player has become obsolete over the years since it was first released, so their claims could easily fool those unfamiliar and eager to hope that a slimmer, sleaker console is on the horizon.

The above image is of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player posted for comparison purposes. Please note that until Microsoft release an official statement confirming the existence of any newer model of the Xbox 360 console, please regard images and rumours anywhere as fake.

Have your say on this news post below in the comments section. Anyone think the Microsoft box, tape measure and cables added a nice backdrop on the image? Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake newsvine:Recent Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake furl:Recent Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake reddit:Recent Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake fark:Recent Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake Y!:Recent Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake gamegrep:Recent Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake

12 comments on 'Recent Xbox 360 Slim Images Are Fake'

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Gotta love sites that just print crap to get hits without any real info behind it.

Yeah, but if Microsoft reveal an Xbox 360 the size of a HD-DVD player Im gonna have to take the shame haha!! :)

Knowing gamekings, it’s probably an early april fools joke. Check tomorrows date ;)

Hahaha, I forgot about that…

Comment by Fanappy on 2010-03-31 00:51:39 | Reply

Lol I saw this and knew it was the HD-DVD drive I still use mine regularly :P

Comment by poo-on-u on 2010-03-31 09:13:42 | Reply

Just read online Microsoft has been working on and will soon be releasing the XBox360 Nano. Its the size of a Zippo lighter, plays BluRay movies and measures your heart rate while playing games to see if your having a fucking good time. Sense I read this online I know that it absolutely must be true.

Comment by poop on 2010-04-01 00:46:07 | Reply

ecspecilly if u read it on wikipedia

Comment by Cumulus007 on 2010-04-02 08:20:29 | Reply

You guys just don’t get it.


They even confirmed on their website it was a joke.

Yeah but they posted it way too soon for April Fools & made themselves look really quite lame in the process… loads of sites covered this! - and coming here saying we dont get it as they mentioned it was April Fools… this news was published March 30th, it wouldn’t have said April Fools when Xboxic, CVG & all the others wrote about it…

Comment by Someone on 2010-04-05 23:40:29 | Reply

“loads of sites covered this!”

That was EXACLTY what they were trying to do. Everyone fell for it. I loved their joke.

Comment by Acuity on 2010-04-04 16:17:56 | Reply

To Jason and like minded people, I must say get that stick out of your arse. They are not the lame ones you are. I suppose we must all be serious all the time right? Even around a date when people are meant to be light hearted…. There are obviously still some who just dont get it.

I dont have a stick, I like the whole oak tree… :)

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