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Xbox Live Stats

Major Nelson updated his blog once more with some cool Xbox Live stats. Some new comers like Oblivion and Burnout Revenge. Will we have a new #1? Hit read more for the answer.

  1. Halo 2
  2. Oblivion
  3. Ghost Recon 3
  4. Call of Duty 2
  5. EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3
  6. PGR3
  7. Perfect Dark Zero
  8. Battlefield 2: MC
  10. Burnout Revenge

Major Nelson also noted that it’s not bad that Oblivion as a singleplayer games hits the 2nd place after Halo 2. IMO Oblivion is so large people are playing it for long periods of time. Hopefully we can play enough Oblivion this week to finally beat Halo 2. Live Stats newsvine:Xbox Live Stats furl:Xbox Live Stats reddit:Xbox Live Stats fark:Xbox Live Stats Y!:Xbox Live Stats gamegrep:Xbox Live Stats

14 comments on 'Xbox Live Stats'

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Comment by swoosh bnd on 2006-04-01 21:29:56 | Reply

I don’t think we’ll ever see any new game top Halo 2 now. The one chance was the period of time before Oblivion was out then GRAW was there. I don’t see it being taken for some time now because too many Xbox 360 users are split between GRAW and Oblivion while most Xbox users are still just playing Halo 2.

I think Gears od War will take it, but thats not out till like August time.
Battlefield 2 might take Oblivion, but not Halo 2.

Comment by Someguy on 2006-04-01 23:01:45 | Reply

You can’t touch Halo 2, even Xbox 360 owners still play a couple hours of Halo 2 a day/week.

I don’t. :D

Halo’s merely “okay” for me and more of a splitscreen game anyway. But I do have a buddy coming Friday to hop on Live with.

Comment by L Capitan on 2006-04-01 23:32:35 | Reply

I had a few friends that had 360s and played halo 2 exlusively. They are retarted and no longer on my friends list.

Why get a 360 to play Halo 2?

Halo 2’s online community is deplorable and it’s just not a very good game…

Doug “Halo 2 is more of a split-screen game”
How can you say that?
Thought the whole idea was that you couldn’t see your oppenents?
DOA is a split-screen game, Halo 2 is not…IMO anyway.

Comment by trj156 on 2006-04-02 02:24:26 | Reply

L capitan i completely agree with you. if all i wanted to play was halo 2 then i wouldnt have bothered with a 360. but the fact is that most people playing halo 2 are poor sports and imo its not a fun game.

I mean like, to play with other people in the same room. I suck at Halo online, I’m pretty good with other people. “Big fish in small pond” syndrome, aye.

I think they should have a 360 live games leader board and a regular Xbox 1 live leaderborad.

Comment by Peewee on 2006-04-02 11:35:05 | Reply

@ L capitan

I play Halo 2 on my 360. Why? Because:

1. Halo 2 kicks ass
2. Halo 2 on the 360 looks freakin amazing.

Halo 2 is much better on the 360 (graphics that is). Not only does it have 720P, it also uses new 360 features.

Comment by L Capitan on 2006-04-03 02:00:24 | Reply

New 360 features like what? Going back to the dashboard by pushing “Y”?

In my opinion, there are better games to play online, especially for the 360.

Halo 2 on the 360 doesn’t look good enough to pay $400 on a new system. Period.

Comment by cnker20 on 2006-07-08 18:32:41 | Reply

Umm… PeeWee dude… You’re a loser, I’m just gonna get that out. Halo 2 is not kick ass, it is probably as fun as Pong on the Atari. You, however, just have no sense of ‘fun’ games. You like games where you can get an auto headshot with a sniper rifle, try to do that in Battle Field 2 kid. All I’m saying is, take you’re Halo 2 disc out of you’re Xbox and play some new games, a game with legitament weapon balance, and not a game with a ’sword’ that looks like a two pronged fork, that can lunge 20 feet and one-hit kill you. Good bye, good day.

halo 2 does kick ass. see most of u suck so u hate the games u suck at… level 42 here, no cheating, but i do superbounce when possible. now there r other games that r just as fun. i quit playing halo 2 for about 4 months cause i left it at a different state so i ended up buying battlefield 2 which is kickass as well. especially when ur as good as me and all games kick ass… there is only a few medals that i havent unlocked cause their bogus… just like killing people with water vehicles… wont even catch me in one… im good though.. so good every other 2 games i kill my own teamates to go back down levels…
all games can be fun, just depends on how u look at it…

by the way a reason to buy xbox 360 that was mentioned and very important to u halo haters is that halo 3 is only coming out on xbox 360 so it makes perfect sense to go buy a xbox 360 then, doesnt it? u fuckin retards

Comment by ur mom on 2006-10-18 21:42:48 | Reply

u all suck balls

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