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Project Natal Is Already Out There, For Some

The buzz hitting the intertubes tonight involves Microsoft’s take on the motion sensing business, as an Italian website has leaked images of what is quite clearly Project Natal, along with the manual that goes with it. Most interesting revelation? A “new motorized tilt mechanism”. Yes, new. Hit the jump for more.

It seems that Project Natal will somehow be tracking gamer’s movements, therefore the tilt mechanism will allow for the device to follow around the room. Also revealed is that the hardware will require it’s own power outlet. This will disappoint some who already find that with the 360, their HD-DVD attachment, TV, surround system and PS3 all plugged in, power sockets are few and far between. It’s somewhat surprising this doesn’t run solely from the USB ports on the 360, but something stronger must be required for all the tilting.

According to the Italian source (roughly translated courtesy of Google Chrome), these shots were taken during a testing phase for speech recognition. It’s suggested that phrases such as “Go on Facebook” are being implemented, leading to the idea that no controller input will be required to flick through the dashboard. Presumably things such as “Last FM” and “Marketplace” will also feature.

It’s amazing how much just one manual can reveal, given that they could soon be a thing of the past. Natal’s manual has revealed more details than Microsoft at this stage. Long live the manual! Microsoft intend to reveal more on Natal come E3 in June, but this early reveal will come as an alarming shock and may well have blown some key secrets they were holding onto. It’s going to be an interesting year. Natal Is Already Out There, For Some newsvine:Project Natal Is Already Out There, For Some furl:Project Natal Is Already Out There, For Some reddit:Project Natal Is Already Out There, For Some fark:Project Natal Is Already Out There, For Some Y!:Project Natal Is Already Out There, For Some gamegrep:Project Natal Is Already Out There, For Some

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Comment by THIS ISN'T NEEEED, ITS YOUR NAN on 2010-04-21 15:53:49 | Reply

interesting stuff indeed.

Comment by nator on 2010-04-21 17:16:07 | Reply

Yeah, but we dont need manuals remember people?

Comment by John Connor on 2010-04-21 20:48:53 | Reply

Skynet is gunna track your @$$ via your bawx!! LOL

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