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Ubisoft’s R.U.S.E. Delayed Yet Again

Following in the footsteps of another much-delayed Ubisoft title like a duckling, which to the joy of action game fans hit the shelves at long last on April 13, the up-and-coming real-time strategy game R.U.S.E. has once again been pushed back, this time until September 2010.

According to the developer Eugen Systems, yet another delay comes as a consequence of the community feedback the team got during the Public Beta:

“Following the massive feedback we got from the community during the Public Beta, we have decided to postpone the release of the final game to September 2010.

While we understand how disappointing this news will be for many, rest assured that this is the best decision for R.U.S.E. and that this extra time will allow us to implement many of your suggestions and improve the multiplayer experience while polishing the overall game.”

Based on the feedback provided, the developer will be improving the following features of the game:

  • The multiplayer menus and filters
  • The unit selection
  • The order assignment
  • The unit behavior and pathfinding
  • The strategic AI behaviour
  • The anti-lag policy and kick system
  • and the game balance of course

Thanks to your exhaustive support, R.U.S.E. just might be the strategy game Ubisoft makes it out to be when it deploys this September for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.'s R.U.S.E. Delayed Yet Again newsvine:Ubisoft's R.U.S.E. Delayed Yet Again furl:Ubisoft's R.U.S.E. Delayed Yet Again reddit:Ubisoft's R.U.S.E. Delayed Yet Again fark:Ubisoft's R.U.S.E. Delayed Yet Again Y!:Ubisoft's R.U.S.E. Delayed Yet Again gamegrep:Ubisoft's R.U.S.E. Delayed Yet Again

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