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Analyst Predicts Infinity Ward Closure

Janco Partners, a Denver-based broker dealer distinguished for its research on companies within the Media & Electronic Software sector, has precicted that Activision is likely to close down Infinity Ward after the release of the next map pack due for Modern Warfare 2.

Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey, states:

“Continued defections from their Infinity Ward studio have created meaningful uncertainty around the future of their Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise,” he said in an investor note.

“We expect Infinity Ward studio will be essentially closed after their next map pack release, with development work on Modern Warfare 3 spread between two studios not historically tied to the franchise.”

Whilst this is only a prediction not set in stone, following the ‘Infinity Ward Employee Group’ law suit and staff heading out of the door to work for Respawn Entertainment - it could be in Activision’s best interest to do so.

That would be a very sad day indeed!

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9 comments on 'Analyst Predicts Infinity Ward Closure'

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Comment by toyota4x4 on 2010-04-28 16:56:14 | Reply

good riddence…i liked cod:3 and WAW better anyhow!

Comment by Tony on 2010-04-28 17:10:55 | Reply

MW2 wasn’t very good, but there games before that were awesome! This will probably happen though.

Comment by nator on 2010-04-28 17:13:15 | Reply

Thank god!

Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-04-28 18:23:17 | Reply

Haha good job Activision!
I want to know how the MW story ends though so don’t go doing a Woody’s roundup on us.

Comment by spazz4393 on 2010-04-28 18:39:23 | Reply

wow u people yes the story for mw2 was great but the i just hated all the little 8 year old kids and all the gliches and everthing but mw2 is a great game

Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-04-28 19:55:16 | Reply

I would think someone (stockholders) has got to qustion The leadership of Activision at some point. All they had to to was sit back and rake in a billion dollars every year, but Oh NO we want Two billion. For a company that has vision in their name they show none!!!

Comment by AlbinoBurrito on 2010-04-29 04:12:29 | Reply

The only thing I TRULY liked about MW2 was the storyline…the multiplayer was terribly unbalanced, ridden with glitches, and most matches were less strategy and more “lets see who sees who first”. It’s unfortunate that MW3 (if it ever is released)will most likely close the MW story arc with some half-assed conclusion…

Well, at least I have my Battlefield BC2 to keep me preoccupied in the mulitplayer realm. And MoH loks like it’s gonna be BEAST :D

Comment by GRIZZMAN on 2010-04-29 19:28:28 | Reply

This is really fucking gay and whoever sued them i wish they will go fucking die in a hole because it wasnt worth it that greedy mother fucking bastard infinty ward is a badass company that didn’t have to go out like this that greedy bastard i would hang in my yard and scalp him it is really fucking gay so fuck you whoever is sueing him cause your a dumb mother fucker fuck you suer

…Infinity Ward are not getting sued… Infinity Ward have a Law suit against Activision. Activision fired the two heads of IW and it went to shit from there… All the info is on this site already. Do try to keep up. No-one is suing Infinity Ward.

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