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Dead to Rights DLC Incoming

Dead to Rights: Retribution, a re-imagining of the 2002 third-person action game marks the franchise’s debut on the Xbox 360 and it’s a lukewarm one according to critical reception so far (61/100 on Metacritic). Now that it has released all around the world, Namco Bandai decided it’s prime time to announce that the game will receive downloadable content under the title of “GAC Pack” in less than a month.

The GAC Pack will add two new completely different gameplay modes to the fold. One is a new mission called “Assault on the 87th Precinct” which allows players to experience the story from the Grant City Anti-Crime’s perspective, as they take on the roles of the GAC Sniper, Brawler, and Tank characters tasked with closing in on the Grant City Police Department stronghold and containing the police force inside.

The other is “Riot Control Mode” in which Jack Slate and his canine partner Shadow go up against wave after wave of increasingly difficult GAC enemies. The goal here is to crack skulls with bullets or fists in a speedy and stylish manner which then nets you points and achievements. To show off your badassery, leaderboards will keep track of score.

Additionally, the GAC Pack will also include “Jack Pack” and “Shadow Pack” which were previously exclusive to pre-orders. These two will add armor for Jack, stealth camouflage for Shadow, an “action mode” with explosive rounds gunplay, and a “noir mode” with a black, white and red graphic filter.

The GAC downloadable content will be available on the Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points starting May 26 in Europe and June 1 in the United States. to Rights DLC Incoming newsvine:Dead to Rights DLC Incoming furl:Dead to Rights DLC Incoming reddit:Dead to Rights DLC Incoming fark:Dead to Rights DLC Incoming Y!:Dead to Rights DLC Incoming gamegrep:Dead to Rights DLC Incoming

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Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-04-28 19:43:17 | Reply

Dead to what….never heard of it. Maybe that’s part of there problem. No buzz at all from any of my friends.

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