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SSFIV Match Now Offers In-Play Betting

We reported only two days ago that a world first for the videogame industry was occurring, with bookmaker Paddy Power offering to take punter’s money on a clash-of-the-titans Super Street Fighter IV match. Amazingly, it’s been such a success that it is now offering in-play betting too!

Punters will have to move swiftly, as the match is over three matches, so the in-play odds will swing very quickly and very dramatically. Paddy Power will be streaming the event live on its website to keep everyone as up to date as possible. A spokesman for Paddy Power made the following comments:

“The response to the Super Street Fighter IV fight night shows there’s a real interest in competitive videogaming as a legitimate sport. In-running betting is usually reserved for high-profile sporting events such as football and boxing - but we’re now putting additional resources into tomorrow’s live streaming in order to offer greater choice for our customers, because the demand is certainly there.”

Both competitors are from London, with the event kicking off at 19:00 London time. Ryan Hart remains the current favourite at odds of 1/3. Rightly so too, given that he has won the 2009 Street Fighter IV European and UK Championships, along with Super VS Battle Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike and Tekken 6 Namco UK, all in 2009. His opponent Femi Adeboye is priced at 2/1 and has never won a fighting competition to date. Could this be his first?!

It all kicks off tomorrow from 19:00. Let us know if you’ve placed a bet and plan to tune in. Match Now Offers In-Play Betting newsvine:SSFIV Match Now Offers In-Play Betting furl:SSFIV Match Now Offers In-Play Betting reddit:SSFIV Match Now Offers In-Play Betting fark:SSFIV Match Now Offers In-Play Betting Y!:SSFIV Match Now Offers In-Play Betting gamegrep:SSFIV Match Now Offers In-Play Betting

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