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Is Project Natal Really Called Kinect?

On April 26th 2010, Microsoft filed a US Patent for a new product called ‘Kinect’ and listed it under computer software, computer hardware, and computer peripherals. An International Registration is pending, but Microsoft have revealed no details about the new hardware anywhere.

There are three possible solutions about the new device:

  • 1 - It could be something new for Microsoft’s KIN 1 & KIN 2 mobile phones.
  • 2 - It could be the new name for the upcoming Xbox 360 peripheral that has been codenamed ‘Project Natal’.
  • 3 - It could be something entirely new altogether.

Considering Microsoft have two mobile phones out in the US market called ‘KIN’, it’s very acceptable to assume that ‘Kinect’ could be something that attaches itself to either of them, but unlike other patents filed by Microsoft, ‘Kinect’ has no specific goods and services tags listing it for mobile phone hardware, mobile phone software, and other handheld computing devices.

If it is indeed the new name for Microsoft’s hands-free motion detection camera known as ‘Project Natal’, then it has been aptly named based on a kinetic connection. Kinetic comes from the Greek word “kinesis” for motion, and connect is to become joined or united - combine both together and we have a new word ‘Kinect’.

With the worldwide unveiling of the final product and new name for Project Natal during the E3 10 event this June, has this brand new patent revealed its name to be ‘Kinect’, or could it be for something completely new and different?

Let the speculation begin.

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17 comments on 'Is Project Natal Really Called Kinect?'

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I hope that’s not the final name lol :P .

Comment by poo-on-u on 2010-05-13 12:55:50 | Reply

That would be funny if it was the new name for Natal. It reminds be of those Lego like toys we played with when we where kids. They might want to come up with something better.

I hope it’s just called ‘Natal’ to be honest, it’s all everyone knows it as now…

Comment by Tony on 2010-05-13 16:40:31 | Reply

It’s better than the name they gave for move, I could’ve came up with something better than that!

Comment by poo-on-u on 2010-05-13 22:50:56 | Reply


Rabbit 2.0

Haha :D

Comment by poo-on-u on 2010-05-15 14:10:30 | Reply

Are we just making fun because its PS3 or are we being serious because I don’t get “Rabbit 2.0″ I mean if someone says something like “I could’ve came up with something better” the I really would like to hear what it is.

Based on the Rabbit Vibrators!

Comment by kevgallacher on 2010-05-13 17:59:55 | Reply

It doesn’t really matter what it is called to be honest.
When they announced “xbox” and “wii” every one thought those sounded stupid but they are fine now as you get used to them.

Xbox didn’t sound stupid to me.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2010-05-14 15:06:39 | Reply

But you think Jonah Falcon is a cool name, I think it sounds like a gay superhero.

Comment by JasonAndrews on 2010-05-14 15:49:38 | Reply

Haha, well in a way I guess he is - Jonah Falcon has a 14inch penis and has been in the media for it, (just google him) - he’s also the writer for, and a decent bloke.

Seems like ‘Project Natal’ really could be called Kinect…

Comment by CapneoCrowley on 2010-07-29 19:25:05 | Reply

People, who really cares?

you’re 2 months too late :)

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