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Defensive Video Released For Backbreaker

505 Games and NaturalMotion Games have released the fourth episode in the Backbreaker Training Camp series, demonstrating how players can deploy the perfect defense in the soon-to-be released football video game. Backbreaker’s on-the-field camera angle is pivotal in helping players form a powerful and effective defense.

The video shows how to position the defense in order to shut down opponents’ running game, pick off a pass, block a kick and sack the quarterback. Prior to the snap, players use the left stick to choose their field position and use the right stick to perform special actions throughout the play. After the snap, players pick their offensive target and execute either a wrap, dive or barge tackle. These skills are enhanced in aggressive mode, as players are able to run faster and deal heavier blows to their opponents. While on their mission to stopping the offense, players can always tap ‘A’ to switch positions among the defensive line. Backbreaker will automatically switch players to the most appropriate position, or the play closest to the ball and the hard-hitting action.

Players can strap on their helmets and hit the gridiron when Backbreaker ships for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 1, for an MSRP of $49.99 in the US. The game will be available in the UK on June 25, exclusively at GAME. Video Released For Backbreaker newsvine:Defensive Video Released For Backbreaker furl:Defensive Video Released For Backbreaker reddit:Defensive Video Released For Backbreaker fark:Defensive Video Released For Backbreaker Y!:Defensive Video Released For Backbreaker gamegrep:Defensive Video Released For Backbreaker

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