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J Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving MS In Corporate Shake Up

All good things must come to an end, and it seems that for two long-standing Microsoft employees, this is the year to say goodbye. J Allard was the creative force behind the Zune and Xbox, with Bach spear-heading the Entertainments & Devices Division that Allard was a big part of.

Bach has been at Microsoft for twenty two years and will continue to work in his current position through the fall, after which he plans to retire. Bach had the following explanation:

“I’m at the time in my life where I want to dedicate more time to my family and my nonprofit work, including my work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.”

Allard, currently serving as senior vice president of Design and Development for the Entertainments & Devices Division and father of the 360, is not fully retiring from Microsoft in the same fashion. 19 years at Microsoft has seemingly built up a lot of loyalty, therefore he will now take an official role as an advisor in a strategic role for Steve Ballmer (CEO) and his leadership team.

Ballmer has also outlined plans for the sudden shake up of personnel. Don Mattrick, leader of Microsoft’s interactive entertainment business and Andy Lees, leader of Microsoft’s mobile communications business, will now report directly to Ballmer from July. David Treadwell (corporate vice president) will now report to Mattrick.

Bach and Allard are two key personnel in the E&D Division that will be sorely missed, particularly Allard’s creative genius that spawned the 360, as well as overlooking the development of the Zune. With Apple increasing the stakes in the gaming market with the likes of the iPhone and iPad, and Sony and Nintendo providing the usual challenges, it remains to be seen whether MS can stave off the competition and continue to push for world domination.

You can check out the full press release here, as well as the full internal memo below.

From: Steve Ballmer
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:01 AM
To: Microsoft - All Employees (QBDG)
Subject: Executive Leadership Transitions

After almost 22 years with the company, Robbie Bach has decided to retire from Microsoft. I have worked with Robbie during his entire tenure at Microsoft, and count him as both a friend and a great business partner and leader. Robbie has always had great timing, and is going out on a high note - this has been a phenomenal year for E&D overall, and with the coming launches of both Windows Phone 7 and “Project Natal,” the rest of the year looks stupendous as well. While we are announcing Robbie’s retirement today, he will remain here through the fall, ensuring we have a smooth transition.

Concurrent with Robbie’s retirement, I am making several organization changes to ensure we have the right leaders in the right positions as we set ourselves up for the next big wave of products and services. Effective July 1, Don Mattrick, who leads our interactive entertainment business, and Andy Lees, who leads our mobile communications business, will report directly to me. Don and Andy have built out strong leadership teams and product pipelines, and are well-positioned for the years ahead. Independent of Robbie’s decision, J Allard (currently serving as senior vice president of Design and Development for E&D), will also be leaving Microsoft. Given his ongoing passion and commitment to Microsoft, he will remain as an advisor to me, helping incubation efforts, looking at design and UI, and providing a cross-company perspective on these and similar topics. With J’s change in role, corporate vice president David Treadwell will join IEB to lead the core technology organization, reporting to Don. David has a great set of accomplishments at Microsoft, most recently working on the Windows Live Platform Services team. Over the next several months, Robbie and I will work together to finalize reporting and structure for the rest of his org.

Now that Office 2010 has been launched to business customers, Antoine Leblond, senior vice president in the Office Productivity Applications Group, will take a new role as senior vice president for the Windows Web Services team. This team brings together the integral Windows services that today deliver updates, solutions, community and depth
information for the Windows consumer. Kurt DelBene, senior vice president in the Office Business Productivity Group, will take on all of the engineering responsibilities for the Office business.

Transitions are always hard. Robbie has been an instrumental part of so many key moments in Microsoft history - from the evolution of Office to the decision to create the first Xbox to pushing the company hard in entertainment overall. J as well has had a great impact in the market and on our culture, providing leadership in design, and in creating a passionate and involved Xbox community, and earlier being at the center of our work seizing the importance of the Web for the company. But most important, both have been great team builders with a strong record of attracting, coaching and growing talent. As a result, their teams are primed to continue to step up and deliver great products, great services and great results for the company. Don has led the Interactive Entertainment Business since July 2007, where he’s significantly grown our entertainment footprint as well as our profitability. He can count as successes the evolution of Xbox Live, the launch of blockbusters like “Halo 3″ and the much-anticipated “Project Natal.” Previously, Don was president of Electronic Arts Worldwide Studios. Andy has led the Mobile Communications Business since February, 2008, and has been instrumental in reinvigorating our mobility efforts, bringing in new business and development talent and overseeing the creation of both KIN and Windows Phone 7.

As we finalize and ship so many of our key products (”Project Natal,”Windows Phone 7, Office 2010, Windows Live Wave 4 and others) it is a natural time for us to look ahead and make sure we have the right talent in the right roles to fuel our next set of offerings. I am confident that the changes above will set us up well for the months and years ahead.

I want to close by thanking Robbie for the incalculable contributions he has made to Microsoft over the years. He will be greatly missed when he retires this fall, and I am glad that I’ll have the opportunity to continue working closely with him between now and then. And as J makes a similar transition, I look forward to working with him in a new way.


Share your thoughts on how this will affect the corporate giant in the comments below. Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving MS In Corporate Shake Up newsvine:J Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving MS In Corporate Shake Up furl:J Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving MS In Corporate Shake Up reddit:J Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving MS In Corporate Shake Up fark:J Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving MS In Corporate Shake Up Y!:J Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving MS In Corporate Shake Up gamegrep:J Allard and Robbie Bach Leaving MS In Corporate Shake Up

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Man, so many execs have left Microsoft’s Entertainment division in the past years… :/

Peter Moore, Jeff Bell, John Schappert etc.

Though one is a retirement, it seems to me there maybe some trouble in paradise…

…and I just read on Kotaku that it’s all to do with the Xbox Timeline, something about how they don’t fit in with what is to follow after Project Natal!

This could be an issue as well

Comment by The_Glovner on 2010-05-26 12:52:41 | Reply

Doubt it. How would that have anything to do with it?

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