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Debut Trailer for Two Worlds II Released

Southpeak Games has released the debut trailer of Two Worlds II today, with very little fanfare.

The email we received with the trailer explains it all so, I’ll let Southpeak introduce the trailer.


I am STOKED to present to you the debut trailer for Two Worlds II – w00t! We are O M G excited about bringing Two Worlds II to your hands at E3 and wanted to share this first peek at the game with you all! If you haven’t yet made an appointment with me for the show – by all means, let me know and we will hook you up! We’re going to have 30 minutes of multiplayer hands-on action to show you by appointment only – there will be walk-up stations as well in case you can’t schedule with us, but the only way to get the full experience is by submitting yourself to my will and booking time with me! MUAHAHAHAH AHAA HA ….

Alright, anyway.

Two Worlds II is set to release this September on Xbox 360, Games for Windows, and for the first time ever Playstation 3. And you should probably tell your friends to preorder the game at Gamestop so they can get an exclusive sword and locked area with two extra hours of gameplay (zomgz). Why? Well, let our VP of Marketing Richard Iggo tell you why:

“For a while, we considered offering horse armor or something painted gold. However, we became worried that people would be overwhelmed with excitement. So with the welfare of the gaming world weighing heavily on our minds, we chose a badass weapon and in-game area instead,” said Richard Iggo, VP of Marketing at SouthPeak, who often attends ren fairs wearing a codpiece with studs on the inside. “These things actually affect your game experience with stats, abilities and quest experiences that you’ll find useful and dare I say it – sexy. After all, what’s better than 60 slashing damage, 110 lightning damage, 85 poison damage and an increase to all resistance skills? Not much I say!”

What a professional.

… Well that’s all for now! Back to that trailer we were discussing.

Thanks Southpeak, and without further ado, check out the video.

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Comment by TK Chillin on 2010-05-27 04:01:16 | Reply

Do those guy’s really talk like that. After their first pile of POO (Two Worlds) I can’t understand why they think anyone would want to buy anything from these morons.

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