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Red Dead Redemption Title Update Soon

If you are one of the many experiencing problems in multiplayer on Rockstar Games’ ‘Red Dead Redemption’, then fear not as a new title update is expected to hit within the next few days. Information taken from the Rockstar blog reveals the team are “working round the clock”.

Rockstar Games reply to gamers’ list of online issues:

First off, for anyone experiencing these or any other issues - thank you not only for your patience as we work through them but for your great help in reporting them to us. As hopefully you can appreciate, with a game as vast as Red Dead Redemption and with such wide open online multiplayer, there are unfortunately a few things that only really rear their heads once the game is on public servers and lots of players are online.

We are right now working round the clock on a title update for both Xbox 360 and PS3 that will address the main persisting issues, including the ones above. We’re aiming to have this ready and live for download within the next few days. We thank you for your patience.

If you have been affected by any issues with the game, and are in dire need of this patch - why not tell us about it below in the comments box or join our forum discussions?

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8 comments on 'Red Dead Redemption Title Update Soon'

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Comment by w0rms on 2010-05-27 19:18:09 | Reply

I wonder why these game developers don’t run public betas and test their multiplayer code out correctly? Skate 3 has been plagued with EA server problems, game lockups, disconnects, etc. and it still hasn’t been fixed. Would save a lot of time instead of “working around the clock” after the game is released to actually, you know, make it work.

I would agree with you for the most part. But even a public beta won’t always show everything. Until the game is live, will some bugs rear their ugly heads.

Comment by HyDro225 on 2010-05-28 04:41:40 | Reply

OK, So… I see that this was posted today at 17:44pm which = 5:44pm civilian time. Basically meaning that the few days is not up yet and the patch didn’t work. Thank god! Now, I’m of course playing and taking my time with the single player and loving every minute of it. 10 out of 10 and thats saying alot coming from me.

I was never a fan of GTA unlike millions of others. I just couldn’t get into the whole running around trying to be a gangster theme. However, RDR is by far my favorite game thus far this year in this genre.

Although Alan Wake is a seperate genre and is also one of the best psychological action thrillers of this generation posilbly all times putting others to shame.

Now, back to RDR! This is a beautiful game that you could just play all day long and never really getting bored so long as your doing the side stories, challenges, and coming back periodically to the main story line.

But adding the Multiplayer was a set bonus and probably one of the only reasons why I bought the game in the first place. This gives the game more replay value making you feel as if your money was well spent. So, I’m glad to hear that I don’t have to try and find or buy a DSL filter to bring into my living room connecting directly via ethernet cord. This would get old pretty quickly.

Keeping my figures crossed in the hopes of this patch will allow me to create my posse and wreak havoc!

Comment by stumpa on 2010-05-28 19:32:17 | Reply

agreed gta 4 was good but over hyped rdr is the real deal have’nt played alan wake yet will do when i’ve finished some of my other games got to many to play at the mo and not enough time just had another baby no.4 they take up all my gameing time dam

Comment by HyDro225 on 2010-05-29 02:51:56 | Reply

Wow! Four kids! I only have two, Dylan and Jace. Dylan is 4 and Jace will be 2 on July 3. I feel your pain as I work 10 hour days and only have time for about 2 hours of gameplay with Three games. RDR, Alan Wake, and BC2. You probably won’t have time to do anything for sometime with a new born and from your last statement you just realized it, lol.. Sorry, I’m not laughing at you but with you. BTW, congrats! Best man I know to own up to his responsibilities.. KUDOS..

Comment by Dr_doe on 2010-05-28 22:55:16 | Reply

I have the problem where it will kick me randomly, I can play sometimes for hours and then it will kick me repeatedly not letting me back in. Sometimes it kicks me at the beginning not even letting me play, I’ve tried public, private, pvp and they’ve all screwed me. I can play all night with my friends and then the next day it will say “connection problems with other players…” or something like that. It’s a great game and the new missions coming out look very fun, I’m glad they are aware of the problem and hope they get it fixed soon.

Comment by Dr_doe on 2010-05-28 22:59:22 | Reply

I should add that I can play by myself online just fine, it’s this that originally led me to believe it wasn’t my connection but something with the servers…. kinda relieved it’s not my fault.

Comment by matt on 2010-06-02 08:13:33 | Reply

Really really need to make host for online w/ features to tuurn on and off lock on and dead eye and the ability to search for games w/ those configurations. Not this random shit

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