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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer Modes Revealed

IO Interactive, part of Square Enix Europe, has unveiled new information, screens, and video trailer for the multiplayer component of their upcoming crime shooter, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. In addition to the single-player campaign, the multiplayer is back with expanded Fragile Alliance gameplay and three new modes to brutally tempt, sway and cloud your better judgment.

“We’ve been working hard on making the Fragile Alliance multiplayer a much more expansive, rewarding and captivating experience for players,” said Kim Krogh, multiplayer game director at IO Interactive. “The gritty visuals bring an entirely new intensity and realism to multiplayer. We’ve definitely changed the dynamics quite a bit and hope to push players to new levels of both greed and loyalty.”

Cops and Robbers Mode

To help players prepare their criminal minds, IO Interactive has included Arcade Mode, which is a single player version of the Fragile Alliance mode. The objective is to help the Alliance escape with as much of the loot as possible with players getting paid if they survive the round. It continues through increasingly challenging levels as long as they survive and escape, but with the cops coming down hard and an escape vehicle that can’t wait, the pressure is on.

Fragile Alliance Mode

No Kane and Lynch experience would be complete without the classic Fragile Alliance. The celebrated multiplayer experience based on Greed, Betrayal & Revenge has extended with more risk and more rewards. Players will have to work together as a team to escape with as much loot as possible, within a four minute time period. They’ll need to move fast, and if they decide betray the team and make off with the money on their own, all bets are off. Die, and they respawn as a cop to prevent the heist. This mode is playable with up to eight players.

Undercover Cop Mode

Just to add to the already treacherous nature of the criminal underworld, Undercover Cop adds an extra level of paranoia to Fragile Alliance as teams are infiltrated by a mole set to stop the Alliance. One player is chosen at random to be the undercover cop. Play too cautiously and the other criminals might get wind of what’s up but run out in front, the cops won’t shoot, and cover will be blown. It’s a delicate balance, but ultimately it’s all up to the player. The undercover cop has to single handedly stop the heist by killing each one of his “teammates.” This mode is playable with up to eight players.

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Building on the relationship between law enforcement and those looking to turn a quick buck, Cops & Robbers creates a new team-based dynamic as Robbers try to gather and protect their loot whilst Cops are trying to retrieve it. Each round the teams swap sides of the law, giving players the chance to experience both ends of the playing field. At the end of four rounds, to the victors go the spoils. This mode is playable with up to 12 players.

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days follows two of the most infamous criminals in video game history, back together once again. Step into the criminal underbelly of Shanghai in one of the most realistic and genuinely brutal games ever created. Following their separation in 2007, Lynch relocates to Shanghai to get a fresh start. He joins up with a group of ex-pat criminals and when the deal of a lifetime presents itself, Lynch contacts Kane to come in on the job. Reluctantly, Kane agrees and arrives in Shanghai. In true Kane and Lynch form, nothing goes right from the start. Both of them are now marked men, targeted by corrupt government forces and the entire Shanghai criminal world. Follow them through 48 hours of hell as they shoot their way through Shanghai, just trying to make it out alive.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be released on the Eidos games label and will be coming to North America on August 24, 2010. & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer Modes Revealed newsvine:Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer Modes Revealed furl:Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer Modes Revealed reddit:Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer Modes Revealed fark:Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer Modes Revealed Y!:Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer Modes Revealed gamegrep:Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Multiplayer Modes Revealed

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