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Tekken 7 Confirmed

Katsuhiro Harada, Producer and Director of the Tekken franchise has confirmed that ‘Tekken 7′ is in development at a press conference organized by Casa Asia and the European Institute of Design in Madrid, Spain.

The story in each Tekken game documents the events of a martial arts tournament, so it’s safe to assume Tekken 7 would be no different. Specific details regarding new or returning characters were not discussed, but the game is only in the early stages of development.

Just like its predecessor ‘Tekken 6′, the game is expected to be released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PSP.

Xboxic will keep you informed of any future announcements.

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Comment by Jack Maker on 2010-06-05 05:32:15 | Reply

This time Tekken 7 needs character creation. Tekken 6 was extremely boring and the worst Tekken that I ever played. It was so bad that I traded the game in 5 times and it still sucked the 5th time. Tekken 7 needs character creation with no custom move-sets and offline ranking for us who are extremely busy with other things such as COLLEGE!!!

Comment by Penny Williams on 2010-06-16 00:25:52 | Reply

Tekken 7 better be worth my time because when I played Tekken 6 i got bored with it within three months, and the fact that there is still no tag battle mode is unexcusable please bring the tage battle mode back for Tekken 7. For Tekken 7 i would like the characters to looked like they did in Tekken 4 but do enhance the graphics a lot more for Tekken 7.

Comment by d3str0ya10 on 2010-09-01 14:39:02 | Reply

NO.. they should NOT look like in tekken 4 cause yoshimitsu’s design for that game was BUTT ugly, he just looked like a humanoid bug with a sword.. it was a good game, and i don’t think character customization would be good cause it would ruin the whole concept of TEKKEN, offline ranking, and smoother online play is alll im asking for, along with one last recommendation, Jack-7 she be smaller than all the other jacks ever made in the new one, but more powerful than the previous Jack-6.

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