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Alpha Protocol Comes to North America

Sega of America announced the espionage title Alpha Protocol, by studio Obsidian Entertainment, is now available The game takes the role-playing genre into the murky, deadly underworld of terrorism and sinister conspiracies.

In Alpha Protocol the player is Michael Thornton, a rookie spy tasked with tracking down a group of fanatical terrorists behind a tragic missile attack on a passenger jetliner. Soon though, Thorton discovers there are much more devious forces at work, and before he realizes it, he is pulled into a dark and dangerous conspiracy orchestrated by ruthless, corrupt businessmen determined to control the fate of the world. He must use every tool and skill at his disposal to stop a cartel hell bent on shaping the world as they see fit.

Thornton has access to the latest in military weaponry and possesses tremendous raw physical and mental capacities, but it’s completely up to the player to develop his abilities and determine how he interacts with every character in a vast, exotic real world locales. Alpha Protocol breaks new ground in gaming with the implementation of a decision-based mechanic where the player’s every action and choice shapes the outcome of the game and its constantly evolving story. No two players will experience the game in the same way.

Alpha Protocol is available now on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Protocol Comes to North America newsvine:Alpha Protocol Comes to North America furl:Alpha Protocol Comes to North America reddit:Alpha Protocol Comes to North America fark:Alpha Protocol Comes to North America Y!:Alpha Protocol Comes to North America gamegrep:Alpha Protocol Comes to North America

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