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Gamer of the Moment: CaptainPeeJ

Gamer of the Moment, our dedicated feature to bring you an insight into the life, minds and thoughts of random gamers from around the world returns. Following from the interview with MW2 Developer Jon Shiring, we now bring you CaptainPeeJ - Xboxic’s very own Community Ambassador and operator of the Xboxic Facebook Fanpage.

Q1: How many years have you been playing video games and what, if any are your most memorable gaming moments

Ever since I can remember. I got an Atari 5200 for Christmas one year and that was the beginning.

Q2: What games are you most looking forward too this year and why?

Halo Reach, Call of Duty: Black OPS, and Fallout: Vegas. I’m a FPS shooter fanatic, so Halo and COD have always been my games. I spend quite a bit of time playing Fallout 3 when it came out, so Fallout Vegas is a definite purchase for me.

Q3: Assuming you’ve heard of ‘Project Natal’, what are you expecting from it and if you had the opportunity to decide its final retail name, what would you call it?

I’m hoping it’s not as expensive as the rumors claim, but if the price is right and the reviews are good I may have to pick it up. As far as a name, what about Xbox Fusion?

Q4: If you were granted the chance to bring one old classic game back from the dead and have it remade for the Xbox360, what game would it be and why?

I think a next gen PITFALL would be awesome, but of course it would need to be done right. I imagine it being like a Tomb Raider style game.

Q5: How many hours per week do you usually play console games?

At least 20, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Q6: If you could put a picture of anything you wanted onto an Xbox 360 Avatar T-shirt for the world to see, what would it be?

That’s an interesting question, I think I would choose my cat as a picture. My wife and I are obsessed with our cats and think it would be great to have an Avatar T-shirt with one of their faces on it.

Q7: Have you ever made any online enemies over Xbox LIVE?

Not really. There’s always some level of trash talking if you play games online, it’s unavoidable. I usually will say what I want to say and then let it go. If all else fails then mute them. Ahh, the mute feature is great.

Q8: How would you describe yourself in just one sentence?

Fun, easy to get along with, humorous, loyal, and a hardcore gamer!

Gamer of the Moment returns next time, where we will be on the look out for other interesting people to feature on the website. If you’re active on the forums, follow us on twitter, regularly visit our Facebook Page, or simply just bump into us on Xbox LIVE - it could be you!

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Comment by toyota4x4 on 2010-06-07 16:12:32 | Reply

this is awesome!!

Comment by CaptainPeeJ (Strawbs) on 2010-06-07 17:16:55 | Reply

Who’s next to do it? Come on guys. Look at my goofy/geeky picture out there for everyone to see. Step up to the plate boys (and girls).

Comment by toyota4x4 on 2010-06-07 18:16:56 | Reply

so you have to have a pic with some game related stuff in it?

Comment by CaptainPeeJ (Strawbs) on 2010-06-07 18:20:44 | Reply

I think you can submit whatever pic you want. Doesn’t have to be game related. I just choose a pic from a weekend ago. We went to a classic video game tournament in Laconia, NH.

These are quite fun, next one is beginning of July :D

Comment by toyota4x4 on 2010-06-07 19:35:53 | Reply

cool deal..since im the “resident redneck” ill get a pick accordingly! lol then maybe ill get in on this. im game i dont care

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