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Xbox 360 ‘S’ Consoles Are Selling Out

The Xbox 360 ‘S’ was officially announced on June 14th 2010, and was shipped to US retailers that very same day for immediate release within the week. It seems the new sleeker, smaller design with a built in 250GB HDD and Wireless adapter is very popular, since the console has almost sold out across the US already!

The new Xbox 360 and upcoming Kinect hardware

Major Nelson from Xbox LIVE posted on Twitter:

“I am getting reports that you’re having a tough time finding the new Xbox 360. It’s selling out everywhere…”

“Based on @ replies,Target and Gamestop: sold out, but you may find them at Best Buy and Amazon”

“If you see any in stock, use the hash tag #new360 with the store and zipcode to help each other locate ‘em”

“The official Microsoft Store has the new Xbox 360 in stock”

Stocks are currently limited in quantity on, but already heavily over-priced listings have appeared on Ebay for those wishing to profit further from the shortages. If you are interested in the new Xbox 360 ‘S’, then it is wise to buy one direct from the Microsoft Store or place a pre-order with a trusted online retailer that you are familiar with.

The new Xbox 360 ‘S’ will be released in Australia on July 1st, in New Zealand on July 8th, and in Europe on July 16th. All other existing models of the Xbox 360 will receive price drops for remaining stock and will shortly be discontinued.

Thanks to Jonah Falcon for this news tip. 360 'S' Consoles Are Selling Out newsvine:Xbox 360 'S' Consoles Are Selling Out furl:Xbox 360 'S' Consoles Are Selling Out reddit:Xbox 360 'S' Consoles Are Selling Out fark:Xbox 360 'S' Consoles Are Selling Out Y!:Xbox 360 'S' Consoles Are Selling Out gamegrep:Xbox 360 'S' Consoles Are Selling Out

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