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Kinect Pricing Could Rival Sony’s Move Controller

Don Mattrick, Senior Vice President of Interactive Entertainment has stated in an interview with GameTrailers that he knows the retail price for the upcoming Microsoft Kinect device and hinted it could compete in-line with Sony’s new play-thing ‘MOVE’.

Mattrick stated in the interview:

“I know the price, I think you’re going to really like the price.”

Mattrick also added that he feels “it’s gonna be a tough holiday for Sony”.

“We sat through the other competitive press briefings and people were very pleased with our position. I like being at Microsoft this holiday.”

He was further asked: Why keep the price a secret then?

“We think we’re going to get more coverage.”

Currently in the UK for just one person to get the full experience of the Playstation Move motion controller, the following items are required: Move Motion Controller & Eye Toy (£49.99), and Move Navigation Controller (£29.99). Think Wii-mote & Wii Nunchuck to get an idea of how they work together. Additional Move controllers without the Eye Toy are priced at £39.99 to allow for more players or for those who have previously purchased the Eye Toy separately.

If Microsoft’s Kinect device was to compete with the pricing of Move, then it would seem reasonable to price it at around £79.99 with the extra benefits of being able to recognise four players at once, no controller required and voice recognition!

Kinect will launch worldwide from November 4th, 2010 and no official pricing has yet been announced, but details are expected to be revealed by August.

Xboxic will keep you updated.

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11 comments on 'Kinect Pricing Could Rival Sony’s Move Controller'

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Comment by Mark on 2010-06-20 00:40:05 | Reply

That would be a great price, can’t wait to get Kinect especially after watching some of the experiences on for example

agreed…great site by the way - is it yours?

They will probably make a big deal out of it at Gamescom in August. Good thing Xboxic will be there to report on it as soon as the word gets out :) .

Can’t wait :)

Comment by poo-on-u on 2010-06-20 01:05:04 | Reply

“Sony’s new play-thing” Gotta love under handed comments from Microsoft. I guess its only fair though considering Kevin Butler dogs Microsoft all the time, (shapes hand into gun) PEW PEW PEW. Makes my laugh every time I see it.

lol play-thing was my choice of words… I deleted my first write up, was worse… ! :)

Also, the US only gets the Move controller for $50, with no Eye included which means they have to shell out for a Move, a navigation controller and the Eye camera = $120. Or get the $100 bundle and buy the navigation controller on top of that to get the full experience (all the accessories + Sports Champions) = $130.

Having said that, I think MS will price Kinect at $100.

Comment by it0 on 2010-06-21 08:16:18 | Reply

I agree, but still all that plastic should have a price point around 50$ else it will stil be too expensive!

I would estimate manufacturing costs around 20$ if you consider a webcam, infrared cam, a servo and a couple of mic’s

$50 would be perfect for us, consumers, true.

Comment by STEVE on 2010-06-21 15:59:01 | Reply

You really think they will sell something that advanced for 50 bucks?

I can’t remember where I read it, maybe it was here somewhere (not sure)… but Kinect is about 5inches in height and meant to be about 12 inches in length - and about 3inches depth!!

- and I personally think it’ll end up closer to the £100 mark in the UK bundled with a game… but still keeping everything crossed it’s around £80!

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