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Microsoft Store Prices Kinect at $149.99 [Update]

The heavily rumoured high price point of $149.99 for Microsoft’s forthcoming controller-free, motion control device Kinect seems more and more likely. In addition to a number of retailers who have already priced the device at $149 since it was unveiled a week ago, Microsoft Store has now pitched in as well at the exact same price point.

The site not only lists the price but also other details such as technical specifications and what comes in the box. At the moment, only the US section of the Microsoft Store has Kinect listed under the Gaming category, so we have no choice but to wait for Microsoft to give us the prices for the other regions.

Keep in mind that the price has not yet been officially confirmed. For all we know, the $149.99 price tag could only be a placeholder.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Jonah Falcon for sending this in.

Update: Looks like we were right. Larry Hryb, a.k.a. Major Nelson, has confirmed that the price is not final, despite the listing on Microsoft Store. Thanks again to Jonah Falcon for letting us know! Store Prices Kinect at $149.99 [Update] newsvine:Microsoft Store Prices Kinect at $149.99 [Update] furl:Microsoft Store Prices Kinect at $149.99 [Update] reddit:Microsoft Store Prices Kinect at $149.99 [Update] fark:Microsoft Store Prices Kinect at $149.99 [Update] Y!:Microsoft Store Prices Kinect at $149.99 [Update] gamegrep:Microsoft Store Prices Kinect at $149.99 [Update]

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I hope it’s still speculative… roll on August!

It’ll likely be held at this high price point until the release is closer and then when they announce something in the region of $100 it’ll seem like a ‘bargain’ in comparison.

I have a feeling they might do something like too…

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