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New Family Subscription Dashboard Images

Xboxic recently reported on the upcoming Xbox LIVE Gold: ‘Family Subscription Pack’ that allows up to four people to have discounted subscriptions, with the main account holder having full control of his family’s content. New dashboard images have been released to show you how it will appear on the console.

New intelligent default settings for child, teen, and adult profiles will be availble that will allow Xbox to automatically assign default privacy and activity settings for each member. Built-in family programming options will remove all mature games, movies, and content from the dashboard, based on BBFC ratings and the TV Parental Guidelines system.

If you are quite happy for your child or teen to play some mature or adult rated games, then there will be title exceptions. This will allow your family members to play specific games above the console’s designated BBFC rating if you deem appropriate.

The Family Subscription Pack will be available this November for $99/£69.

All images obtained from NeoGaf. Family Subscription Dashboard Images newsvine:New Family Subscription Dashboard Images furl:New Family Subscription Dashboard Images reddit:New Family Subscription Dashboard Images fark:New Family Subscription Dashboard Images Y!:New Family Subscription Dashboard Images gamegrep:New Family Subscription Dashboard Images

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Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-06-26 22:18:32 | Reply

That’s nice dear, but does this mean our premium themes will look all biffed up on the new dashboard, just like the old themes do now?

:) I expect so, but those images fit with the Kinect Hub Style Dash - so I wonder if when the Kinect Device is in, the dash will appear different to the current NXE style…

Comment by UnGreat on 2010-06-28 10:00:49 | Reply

So if all family members are over 18 and the primary doesn’t mess with parental settings I take it everyone will have a full uncensored access to all of XBL?

My brothers are all extremely cheap and only play on live if I buy their subs, but I don’t want them ringing me all the time just to allow a game.

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