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Dead Rising 2 Release Delayed

Capcom have today confirmed that the release date for one of this year’s most hotly anticipated titles, Dead Rising 2, has been delayed by a few weeks. No explanation was given, but the new confirmed dates are listed below.

Sequel to the million plus seller, Dead Rising, and set in the gambling paradise of Fortune City, Dead Rising 2 introduces new main character, Chuck Greene, and delivers 1000s more zombies with even more ways to defeat them as players try to survive for 72 hours in this darkly comedic, no holds-barred action title.

Originally scheduled for release on August 31st in North America and September 3rd in Europe, this has now been pushed back to September 28th and October 1st respectively. Rising 2 Release Delayed newsvine:Dead Rising 2 Release Delayed furl:Dead Rising 2 Release Delayed reddit:Dead Rising 2 Release Delayed fark:Dead Rising 2 Release Delayed Y!:Dead Rising 2 Release Delayed gamegrep:Dead Rising 2 Release Delayed

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September 28? Happy birthday to me!

How old will you be?

I was 30 a few weeks ago, and celebrated it in Spain, before heading down to Portugal…

And completely changing the subject - I am SO bored without a 360!! Roll on July 16th, can’t come quick enough…

The delay won’t bode well for the game’s sales due to the influx of triple A titles in Fall…

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