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The Xbox LIVEapalooza

If you didn’t have the chance to sing along to your favorite bands at summer festivals, Xbox LIVE has you covered with LIVEapalooza. From July 6 through July 12, start a dance party on Xbox LIVE where you, your Avatar and your friends from around the globe can rally for a limited time sale on top music game add-ons. We’re discounting albums, track packs and songs for “Rock Band”, “Guitar Hero” 5”, “Band Hero” and “Lips”. From Green Day to The Rolling Stones, the stage is yours.

What’s summer without a little fun in the sun? Grab your toy soldiers and watch out for monkeys as you dive into three great new downloadable games and game add-ons, coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Monkey Island™ 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge™ (LucasArts)
July 7 | 800 Microsoft Points

This all-new “Monkey Island” adventure is bringing you more pirates, more adventure and more monkeys! Relive the second hilarious swashbuckling misadventure of the wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood as he searches for the lost treasure of Big Whoop, attempts to win back the beautiful Elaine Marley and takes on the now evil zombie pirate, LeChuck. Rating pending by the ESRB.

Blacklight: Tango Down (Ignition Entertainment)
July 7 | 1200 Microsoft Points

Experience the bleeding edge of advanced warfare. Participate in the “NetWar,” a hyper-realistic battlefield letting you fight tomorrow’s conflicts with or against your friends in the gritty Blacklight universe. Customize your character and weaponry from among thousands of combinations to become the soldier you always wanted to be. Prepare for battle this summer on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Rated T for Teen by the ESRB.

Toy Soldiers “The Kaiser’s Battle” Game Add-On (Microsoft Game Studios)
June 30 | 400 Microsoft Points

“Toy Soldiers” Add-on content is here! “The Kaiser’s Battle” allows players to enter the fray as the French Army, take on a new experimental boss, earn 3 new achievements and battle into the midnight hours in new multiplayer and Survival Mode maps.

Worms 2 Armageddon Battle Pack Game Add-on (Microsoft Game Studios)
July 7 | 400 Microsoft Points

Incoming! Say hello to the “Worms 2 Armageddon Battle Pack.” This Game Add-on package adds to “Worms 2 Armageddon” with the addition of six new weapons, thirty new single-player missions, an all-new game mode called “Survivor,” ten new Forts, new speechbanks, additional Achievements, Player Titles, leaderboards and much, much more! It’s a package high on content and explosive goodness, a must for all “Worms” fans out there.

Save your summer cash for sunscreen and shades thanks to awesome discounts through Deal of the Week. During the week of June 28, enjoy six Critics’ Choice titles, all with a Metacritic rating of 80 and above, at discounted prices on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. From defending your grid to rioting your rocket, you’ll have your pick of blockbuster hits at great value to you, your tan, and your wallet.

Chime (Valcon Games)
Week of June 28 | 240 Microsoft Points

“Chime” pits gamers against the melody in this all-new puzzle experience. Place blocks against the clock and remix famous artists’ music tracks in this challenging and addictive puzzle game. Rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and available worldwide.

Darwinia+ (Introversion Software)
Week of June 28 | 800 Microsoft Points

Winner of three awards at the prestigious Independent Games Festival for Technical Excellence, innovation in Visual Art and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, “Darwinia+” brings an original virtual world to Xbox LIVE Arcade. The peaceful existence of the Darwinians is now threatened by the evil virus that has infected Darwinia and decimated their numbers – without your help, they don’t stand a chance! With a combination of fast-paced action and strategic battle-planning, choose from ten fantastic single player levels or five action-packed multiplayer game modes over 49 unique maps. Rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

Hope you have plenty of Microsoft Points!

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