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ILOMILO Loves Music Trailer

Southend Interactive has put together a short trailer to express their love of music within their upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade game, ILOMILO. Also available are 5 songs to download for your own enjoyment - should you want them?

Click each of the links below to download a tune featured in ILOMILO:

    Theme of ilomilo
    March of the ilomilos
    Me and my paper plane
    Music school
    Sunny days

The world of ILOMILO is made of cubes, and Ilo and Milo can walk any side of the cubes, as well as move them around. The player controls both characters and will have to make them cooperate with each other to reunite them before moving onto the next level. The game is exclusive to Microsoft for the Xbox 360 and no release date has yet been announced.

Xboxic will keep you updated with further developments.

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