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Kinect Optional Games On The Way

A new line-up of games where the use of Kinect is optional is inbound, since promotional material has revealed a “Better With Kinect Sensor” tag line to promote controller based games where the Kinect Sensor can be used, but is not required.

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A full listing of Kinect Optional games hasn’t yet been announced, but this implementation is at the discretion of developers on upcoming titles. Earlier today, packaging shots also revealed an Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle, but Microsoft has issued no official details yet on release plans.

More details are expected when Kinect has an official pricing during the August GamesCom event in Germany.

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4 comments on 'Kinect Optional Games On The Way'

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Comment by PWNER on 2010-07-05 20:58:23 | Reply

This is what us core gamers have been waiting for xP.

New feature for FIFA 11: move your head to perform a header lol

Or play Call of Duty with the controller and use voice commands to direct a squad, or reload ammo - anything!!

So much more uses when a game could be controller & kinect functional.

Comment by Sircolby45 on 2010-07-06 02:43:46 | Reply

I don’t really want to use kinect to play games. I mainly just want it for the remote-less dashboard/video/etc. operation. Also if it is good at canceling out the audio from the TV, then it will be awesome to not need a headset to communicate as well.

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