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DeathSpank Website and DeathSpam Launched

Today DeathSpank announced, care of Hothead, the grand opening of his auspicious new fan club and “spanking” new website. Hothead Games have forwarded the contents of a personal note written by DeathSpank himself, in which he expresses his wish for everyone to plug in to these channels.

In the note shown to the left (click to enlarge), DeathSpank also reveals his reply address and plans for lots of DeathSpank updates through DeathSpam, social media channels, twitter and facebook. And we mean lots.

If you’re not already familiar with ‘Deathspank, it is an upcoming digital download title that has been developed under the direction of Ron Gilbert, who created ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’, and he has put his own unique humor and spin on the game to make it an enjoyable experience with a few laughs along the way. Players will gain quests from a colorful cast of characters, and vanquish evil with fast and furious action as DeathSpank scours the world for a mystical artifact.

A new Co-Op Gameplay Trailer is shown below.

The new website, is now live and will introduce you to the DeathSpank game and all other DeathSpank related announcements.

DeathSpank will be available for download beginning July 13, 2010 on the PlayStation Network for $14.99, and July 14, 2010 on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points. Website and DeathSpam Launched newsvine:DeathSpank Website and DeathSpam Launched furl:DeathSpank Website and DeathSpam Launched reddit:DeathSpank Website and DeathSpam Launched fark:DeathSpank Website and DeathSpam Launched Y!:DeathSpank Website and DeathSpam Launched gamegrep:DeathSpank Website and DeathSpam Launched

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Comment by charlie on 2010-07-11 16:50:13 | Reply

Reminds me of Fable2, with landscapes like kameo. However it does look a bit co-op sided

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