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Master Chief Will Get Rescued

Bungie, the original development team for the massively popular Halo franchise has hinted at Comic Con from the “Halo Universe” panel, that we haven’t yet seen the last of Master Chief!

Ex-Bungie Frankie O’Connor (now Creative Director 343 Industries) spoke to G4TV:

“At the end of Halo 3, and cover your ears if you haven’t played it, Master Chief is in cryosleep,”

“Cortana has sent a rescue signal, and they are orbiting a strange world. We’d have to be the world’s biggest assholes to not follow through on his story.”

343 Industries has now taken charge of Halo in all media forms that include games, books and comics. Having now announced that Master Chief will live on - somewhere, somehow, does this confirm the iconic gaming character returns in Halo 4 or could this news be directed towards an upcoming Halo: The Movie?

If you would like to further speculate, why not share your thoughts below?

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Comment by dotfortun3 on 2010-07-27 05:05:47 | Reply

Bungie didn’t confirm anything here, Frankie O’ Connor of 343 Studios did.

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