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Backyard Sports Scores An All New Football Game

Go long! Atari charges onto the field with the all-new football video game Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush for the Xbox 360. Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush marks the second title released featuring the new look and feel of the Backyard Sports franchise – which represents the best-selling kids sports video game series of all time. With hard hitting power-ups, imaginative new fields, stylized graphics, exciting new array of super-charged gameplay options and a compelling story mode, Rookie Rush is well trained and ready to take down the competition this October.

Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush offers kids the opportunity to get in the huddle with fan-favorite characters Pablo, Dmitri, and Joey as they block and tackle their way through energetic, kid-friendly football games on 12 interactive, neighborhood fields many representing each character’s home turf and also a “My Backyard” field mode in which players can unlock items and populate their unique backyard. Kids can play pick-up football games with their Backyard Sports neighborhood friends in both single game and tournament options, or play the game in Backyard Sports’ inventive new story mode. The Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush storyline centers on the Backyard kids who must come to terms with the new kid on the block, combine their unique talents, overcome egos and the odds in order to win a tournament and a big grand prize.

To pump up the action even further, Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush features super-charged power-ups such as Banana Peels, Deep Freeze and Leap Frog, 5 new mini games including Sack Attack and Target Practice, unique character customization options, and a family mode, making this an exciting game-play experience for all ages. The updated graphics and striking visuals create a stunning re-imagination of Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush which is sure to impress kids and parents alike.

“The re-imagined vision for Sandlot Sluggers has proven to be a hit for critics, parents, and kids seeking a fun, dynamic and action packed video game,” said Jim Wilson, President of Atari. “Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush continues the successful evolution of our Backyard Sports series, offering a truly enriching sports video game for kids of all ages.”

Allowing kids to learn and follow traditional football rules in a wholesome gaming environment, Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush will carry a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is developed by HB Studios for Xbox 360 and Wii and developed by Powerhead Games for Nintendo DS. The game will be shipping October 26, 2010. Sports Scores An All New Football Game newsvine:Backyard Sports Scores An All New Football Game furl:Backyard Sports Scores An All New Football Game reddit:Backyard Sports Scores An All New Football Game fark:Backyard Sports Scores An All New Football Game Y!:Backyard Sports Scores An All New Football Game gamegrep:Backyard Sports Scores An All New Football Game

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