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UK Microsoft Kinect Tour

Microsoft are giving UK gamers the opportunity to try out the new Kinect hands-free motion device that will be released worldwide during November. A Kinect Tour has been confirmed to last from August to December 2010.

Kinect will be available to try at the locations listed below, where you can get a preview of Kinect Adventures, Kinect Joyride, Kinectimals and Dance Central. Anyone attending will also be able to film a 25 second video clip of themselves on each title for the purpose of sharing it on social networking sites such as Youtube and Facebook.

  • Alton Towers: August 1st - September 30th
  • London Zoo: August 7th - August 22nd
  • Thames Festival: September 11th - September 12th
  • Chessington World of Adventures: October 21st - October 31st
  • Birmingham Clothes Show Live: December 2nd - December 8th

Although Kinect will be released in the US on November 4th, the UK release is set for November 19th and existing Xbox 360 owners can purchase the device with Kinect Adventures for £129.99. Microsoft Kinect Tour newsvine:UK Microsoft Kinect Tour furl:UK Microsoft Kinect Tour reddit:UK Microsoft Kinect Tour fark:UK Microsoft Kinect Tour Y!:UK Microsoft Kinect Tour gamegrep:UK Microsoft Kinect Tour

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