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Halo: Reach Is Almost Gold

Bungie has announced that their final Halo game has been completed. The polishing stage had commenced in April, the Multiplayer Beta was all over in May, and now by late July the game has been submitted to Xbox Certification.

Taken directly from the developer’s blog:

A few days ago we released Halo: Reach to Xbox Certification. Assuming things go well in certification, that means the only things standing between you all and Reach are the manufacturing process and shipping the discs to stores. It’s been a long haul getting the game to this point but the team is incredibly proud of the game and can’t wait to play with everyone on September 14th.

A few folks from Bungie will be travelling all over the world in the next few weeks to demo the game: Brian Jarrard and Niles Sankey are currently touring Europe, I’ll be headed to Oceania soon, and Chris Opdahl and David Allen will be taking Asia by storm in August. If you’re in those neighborhoods, look us up :) If not, you can at least watch the campaign trailer and the forgeworld vidoc on more time.

Last but not least, sorry for the long periods between posts - turns out shipping a game and regularly maintaining a blog are not entirely compatible.

Halo: Reach will be released worldwide on September 14th, 2010.

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It’s NOT gold, Jason. It’s going certification - once it passes, THEN it’s gold.

Gold master status means it’s ready for factory pressing.

Yeah I kinda had a niggly thought that was it, … well ‘Almost’ will do…

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