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Rumble Roses XX: The Japanese killer-app

Which may be a problem, but if it’s selling consoles, who cares?

The Xbox 360 now has a 1.12% market share in Japan (still, ouch) and Rumble Roses is the 17th-best selling game in Japan this week, selling 15,500 copies in its first week and pretty much doubling this week’s Xbox 360 sales.

Muchas gracias Xploited13. Roses XX: The Japanese killer-app newsvine:Rumble Roses XX: The Japanese killer-app furl:Rumble Roses XX: The Japanese killer-app reddit:Rumble Roses XX: The Japanese killer-app fark:Rumble Roses XX: The Japanese killer-app Y!:Rumble Roses XX: The Japanese killer-app gamegrep:Rumble Roses XX: The Japanese killer-app

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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: The majority of the RRXX girls are not hot. DOA ftw!

Wow, what is that pic of? Two men rubbing oil over each other? Doug, does this come from your private collection?

You have my permission to spontaneously combust now. :D

Actually, I typed in “wrestling” in Google Image Search. That and Wikimedia Commons make these pictures wonderful.

Comment by George Podge on 2006-04-07 18:50:40 | Reply

wow must get this lovely juggeeeess

Well good for them, but based on the video, I believe the game looks like crap.

I’ve been playing it for several days. It is actually one of the better wrestling games I have ever played.

Looks like a turkish oil wrestling

Points for you! Image came from an Istanbul blog. :D

Comment by Yo Daddy on 2006-04-07 23:57:41 | Reply

This game blows, they should have never released it in the US cause it really sucks!!!

How many puns were intended in that comment?

I think “release” is a hidden reference to the wrestling theme too.

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