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250GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Uncovered

So far, Microsoft has let us in on only two options for getting our mitts on the much talked about Kinect – dropping down $149 for the standalone Kinect package or $299 for the 4GB Xbox 360 S Kinect bundle. Thanks to the Australian packaging of the latter, it looks like there is going to be a third option.

Image courtesy of Joystiq

As you can see above, the 4GB Xbox 360 S/ Kinect box in Australia exposes another Kinect SKU – one with the 250GB Xbox 360 S – which differs from its sibling in that it features a 250GB HDD, a glossy finish, and a headset. Whether or not it includes Kinect Adventures is not known at this point, but considering the 4GB SKU sports the game, it’s safe to assume the new bundle will too.

Image courtesy of Joystiq

Microsoft has yet to officially announce said new Kinect SKU, so you’ll have to wait a little while longer for the release and pricing details.

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9 comments on '250GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Uncovered'

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Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-08-08 14:49:32 | Reply

Err…isn’t the Xbox 360 S 250gb anyway?

It is, yeah, but, come November, it will be bundled with Kinect (up until now only the Kinect-less version has been known about).

Comment by Worms on 2010-08-08 23:53:23 | Reply

Sweet I’m getting the 250 gig version.

Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-08-09 12:54:05 | Reply

Oh got you.
Is it true that kinect doesn’t detect lying down people? If so, I’m screwed, my xbox is at the end of my bed.

Same as mine, but can still use voice controls - I’m probably going to end up moving my 360 for Kinect.

It detects them if the game they are playing was designed like that. You’ll be able to play the yoga game, I guess :D .

Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-08-09 19:45:11 | Reply

Can I do the wicked cool hand swipes to move the dashboard about?

I know you can do that while sitting on a sofa, but not so sure about lying down on the floor… I’ll try it out at gamescom next week and let you know, alright? :)

Comment by Steve Perry on 2010-08-10 18:12:06 | Reply

Sounds good to me bruce, I owe you a beer

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