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Breeze to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace

Null City Software has announced that Breeze is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace.

Breeze is a single player game written for the Xbox 360 and is light entertainment for people of any age. Take control of a fan as you strive to gently blow a flower to the goal. Control the flower by proxy across the 60 levels using only the power of wind. Take the flower through all four seasons to reach the goal, catching the sunny collectibles as you go. Breeze comes with a chilled, lilting soundtrack and an emphasis on the smooth.

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Breeze features 60 unique levels of flowery twitch play for you to enjoy. This game will have you itching to try and beat the levels which vary in difficulty from the very easy to the infuriatingly hard. There’s plenty of content to explore with unique and interesting traps and game mechanics. Breeze has been designed to offer high replay value with each level having a record time set by the developer. Those who take on the challenge of beating these times will find Breeze a difficult and rewarding game to master.

Breeze is priced at 240 MSP and is available now on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace. to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace newsvine:Breeze to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace furl:Breeze to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace reddit:Breeze to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace fark:Breeze to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace Y!:Breeze to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace gamegrep:Breeze to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace

2 comments on 'Breeze to Float Through Xbox Live Marketplace'

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Comment by w0rms on 2010-08-16 18:21:48 | Reply

Looks cool I will probably pick this one up.

… I probably wont :) - never been a fan of Indie Games. Same old rubbish is just churned out time & time again. I think the really, really decent ones should get promoted to Xbox LIVE Arcade with Achievements - but they are few & far between…

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