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Xbox Live stats update

Major Nelson updated his Xbox Live stats again this week, but nothing really changed in the top region. Halo 2 is still leading, and will probably keep doing so until most Xbox users upgrade to the Xbox 360.

  1. Halo 2 (1)
  2. Oblivion (2)
  3. Ghost Recon 3 (3)
  4. Call of Duty 2 (4)
  5. BFMC (Original Xbox) (-)
  6. EA SPORTS™ Fight Night Round 3 (5)
  7. PGR3 (6)
  8. Perfect Dark Zero (7)
  9. DEAD OR ALIVE 4 (9)
  10. Battlefield 2: MC Demo (8)

The surprising part about this list is Oblivion because it doesn’t have multiplayer functionality. But on the other hand most RPG players are addicts who can’t put a game aside and this results in long sessions instead of ‘frag frag frag, die die, lose, Xbox power off’. What’s also really surprising is Battlefield: MC for the original Xbox, it suddenly came out of nowhere in the top 5. That probably has something to do with the recent Battlefield: Modern Combat demo for the Xbox360.

Burnout Revenge(10) has crashed off the list. This is too bad for Criterion since this Xbox remake was mainly focusing on the upgraded Xbox Live parts. Surprisingly Call of Duty 2 is still in the list with its poor multiplayer options, even after Infinity Ward f’d us over with their terribly late patch. Live stats update newsvine:Xbox Live stats update furl:Xbox Live stats update reddit:Xbox Live stats update fark:Xbox Live stats update Y!:Xbox Live stats update gamegrep:Xbox Live stats update

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Comment by Grady Durden on 2006-04-08 21:18:33 | Reply

Suprise Suprise. Halo still on top. lol But I do love some Oblivion. I’ve definitely been putting way too many hours into it.

This list is slightly confusing now, if it’s supposed to show games being “played over Live” then it should really filter out singleplayer titles, for instance we might find out that COD2 is only at #5 because loads of people are playing singleplayer (like Oblivion).

No one plays Star Wars Battlefront II, so it’s not worth buying a $5 patch I can’t download anyway to play a laggy game that no one plays. Unfortunately, I would like to play Bespin offline.

Comment by trj156 on 2006-04-09 01:42:15 | Reply

nope you guys are wrong cod2 still rules

No the list is based on players playing the games that are logged into live.

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