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SEGA Confirm Sonic 4 Gets Torched

SEGA has confirmed some additional changes to the delayed ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I’ game based upon fan requests. In the first of a “Blog Update” feature on the SEGA America website, it was noted that Sonic’s footwear effects have changed, an entire level redesign and the addition of a torch has been implemented.

Starting with the biggest change, SEGA completely revamped the entire ‘Lost Labyrinth Act II’ section of the game which originally featured a whole act where Sonic was placed in a motion-controlled minecart. This act now features a new torch mechanic that you will use for exploration because the level is pitch black except for the torchlight around you. New environments have been placed where you can blow up parts of the level and find hidden ruins, but the minecart hasn’t been completely removed as it will now feature toward the end of the act as a means of a way to the end.

Next up, SEGA have also tweaked the way Sonic looks when he is running, including the moment when he builds up speed. Fans had noticed during the E3 presentation in June that Sonic’s trademarked blurry feet took some time to get visible. Now, SEGA state that you’ll be able to trigger the blurry feet faster, and in a time frame more comparable to the classics.

‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I’ has not been given a confirmed release date, but SEGA will announce further tweaks and changes within the next few weeks.

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Comment by Chip on 2010-08-28 02:24:20 | Reply

Does anybody else think the completed version of Sonic 2006 was lost before production and Sega went to retail with one of the betas?

Whether that has any merit to that game’s epic failure or something else went horribly wrong, let’s hope the delay on Sonic 4 pays off and that multiple backups are made during the development process!

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