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Competition: Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED]

All this week, Xboxic reporter Zan Toplisek, has been in Germany for the Gamescom 10 event gaining some hands-on previews of the latest upcoming games, and reporting his impressions right here on this very site - for you, our loyal readers.

For previewing the multiplayer aspect of EA’s alleged “Halo Killer“, Crysis 2, Zan was given a promotional Crysis 2 T-shirt that we are giving away to one lucky reader tomorrow. If you want to win this t-shirt that you can not buy in the shops, all you have to do is comment below giving us your reasons for wanting to obtain it - adding a comedy element is completely optional.

This competition is only open to readers who reside in Europe. A valid email address must be provided so that we can inform the randomly picked winner tomorrow and the Crysis 2 T-shirt will be posted once the winners address has been received by Monday 23rd August.

What are you waiting for? - get commenting before we decide to keep it. Multiple entries will be spotted.

The winners name will be posted on this page when the competition closes tomorrow.

Crysis 2 is currently in development for EA by Crytek and will be released on March 22nd , 2011 in North America and March 25th, 2011 in Europe.

The winner was drawn at random by numbering entries, and an email has been sent to: thestaticboy Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED] newsvine:Competition: Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED] furl:Competition: Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED] reddit:Competition: Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED] fark:Competition: Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED] Y!:Competition: Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED] gamegrep:Competition: Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED]

7 comments on 'Competition: Win A Gamescom Crysis 2 T-Shirt [CLOSED]'

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Comment by Jamzy No 2 on 2010-08-21 20:54:44 | Reply

I’d just really like it. I’m not clever enough for comedy. But this once time, I had some fanta and it didn’t taste like fanta. I was devestated, this would make up for that slight disapointment. Cheeeeeers ;)

I want the Crysis 2 tee because it would be a complete “crysis” if I didn’t! Hahaha… I think I’m funny!

I can always use a new t-shirt. :D

Comment by Cody Z on 2010-08-22 07:53:09 | Reply

I live in Nebraska… i would like to look forward to something other than corn

Comment by Cody Z on 2010-08-22 08:02:31 | Reply

i only read half way before posting the first thing that came into my mind thinking i want a new t-shirt. then i finished reading the article and realized i cant win :(

Comment by thestaticboy on 2010-08-22 10:06:28 | Reply

I could do with a replacement t-shirt, I’ve just discovered that my Halo one has a few holes on the back. Would make for a fitting replacment.
(the fitting wasn’t meant to be a pun - dont judge me)

Comment by shaun on 2010-08-22 11:06:05 | Reply

I know its not much of a crisis but I have no this will be my first…if I win.

*looks at shirt-less sister, close to tears…and says*
“ok…you can now cry sis.”

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