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Blacklight: Tango Down Update

UTV Ignition Entertainment today released an XBLA and PC update for summer blockbuster Blacklight: Tango Down. The patch adds several new features and addresses spawn issues, round times, matchmaking and several other issues found within the game.

In addition, the update also resets the time limit for the trial version of the game, allowing everyone to experience all the new features for themselves, including players who previously downloaded the trial version. The update goes live today for XBLA and PC users, and will be included in the PlayStation Network release set to launch within the next few weeks. The PC update also includes the addition of Steam updates for players with Steam accounts.

Players who were once frustrated by spawn campers will find relief as the update includes an increased spawn invincibility time to prevent enemies from making easy kills. Additionally, the update improves matchmaking times as it brings gamers into the action faster than ever before. These, in addition to dozens of additional fixes, give fans a deeper, richer and more streamlined experience with the summer’s best-selling XBLA shooter which sold over 100,000 copies in its first 3 weeks on release.

If you have purchased this game, why not share your views on the new improvements in the comments section below? Tango Down Update newsvine:Blacklight: Tango Down Update furl:Blacklight: Tango Down Update reddit:Blacklight: Tango Down Update fark:Blacklight: Tango Down Update Y!:Blacklight: Tango Down Update gamegrep:Blacklight: Tango Down Update

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