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Special Edition Xbox 360 Controller Announced

We complained time and time again and now, after five long years, Microsoft has at long last decided to do something about the Achilles’ heel of our beloved Xbox 360 controller, that is the d-pad, and this time around their answer to our continuous complaints will be much easier to get a hold of than the improved controller that was featured in the limited edition of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and was only available in select territories.

Set for release on November 9 in North America and February 2011 in Europe, the revamped, matte silver Xbox 360 wireless controller will improve upon the current one by adding a “transforming” directional pad which provides “ultimate accuracy and control for both directional as well as sweeping movements.” By twisting the plus sign clockwise, gamers will be able to switch to the d-pad’s alternate form – from a semi-flush disc used for sweeping movements to a more accurate, standalone plus sign.

To give you a better idea of said new d-pad, Major Nelson has put up a demonstration video. Check it out below.

Unfortunately, like most good things in life, the new, overhauled controller comes with a caveat – it will only be available in a $64.99 bundle with the Play and Charge Kit.

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4 comments on 'Special Edition Xbox 360 Controller Announced'

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Comment by it0 on 2010-09-01 08:45:40 | Reply

People have been screaming bloody murder over the d-pad, it’s about time after 5 years.
Although the grey buttons are nice, the colored buttons are more practical.

And it’s way overpriced, what did they do made it from xbox harddrives?

It’s the normal price for a play N charge/controller bundle.

I like the controller, and although it wont officially be out in EU until next year, I expect to see quite a lot being imported…

Comment by spazz4393 on 2010-09-02 18:40:48 | Reply

i need this thing it will be so much better then the old one well we will seee

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