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Kinect Beta Kits Found On Ebay

A few weeks ago, Microsoft had sent out emails to a small minority of the NXE Beta testers from 2009 inviting them to try out a beta for the upcoming Kinect device which has an entirely new dashboard. By accepting the beta and a Non Disclosure Agreement, all participants were to keep their mouths tightly closed from revealing any details and selling any information in return for their Kinect Beta Kit - but today, one was spotted on ebay!

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Due to the Kinect beta consisting of an Xbox LIVE dashboard update sent to the tester’s consoles via Xbox LIVE, and the hardware sent separately in the post, the seller was listing his own console as part of the $1200.00 deal for the winning bidder to experience Kinect a few months earlier. Without the console installed with the beta dashboard, the Kinect kit would be useless as it is not compatible yet with all other consoles until November 2010.

Images of the Kinect Beta Kit obtained from the sellers ebay listing are below.

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The seller has since disabled bidding for Kinect Beta Kit himself or ebay has enforced the action in response to other users reporting him for breaking a Non Disclosure Agreement. It is not yet known if all Kinect Beta Kits have to be returned to Microsoft, so he might not have any legal right to sell the item.

Kinect will be released on November 4th in the US, November 10th in the EU and November 18th in Australia.

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Comment by Swedish Pete on 2010-09-01 20:40:50 | Reply

Way to handle a trust - I get so sick of greedy people. They get what is essentially a gift from Microsoft (come on - does anyone seriously think they have to return them?), and in return they try to make a really doubtful profit while breaking their own word in the process. Sigh.

No I don’t think they’ll have to return them, I remember MS doing something similar with TV Tuners for PC’s… everyone was told to keep them after the trial period.

They didn’t get full Kinect games though, they’re trials that had to be downloaded from Xbox LIVE on their new Kinect dashboard.

Comment by OCD SMURF on 2010-09-02 22:03:16 | Reply

Is the Kinect dashboard strictly an update for Kinect enabled consoles? I prefer the dashboard prior to the NXE version. And if they update this one to another lame version, I may cry.

Comment by OCD SMURF on 2010-09-02 22:04:21 | Reply

btw, i know the kinect is supposed to work w/ all existing consoles (last i heard). I’m just hoping you have to buy the lame device to have the new dashboard update.

Comment by Jason Andrews on 2010-09-03 16:59:28 | Reply

Im not 100% sure but I think the dashboard will have a Kinect Hub, we all have to download it, but having the Kinect device will trigger the Kinect Hub, where as those without Kinect still get the NXE

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