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Xbox 360 firmware hack downloadable

They took their sweet time after the first announcement on March 18th, but finally someone has bothered releasing a redistributable version of the firmware hack allowing you to boot backups on your Xbox 360, says Xbox-Scene. And before all warezkiddies rejoice, no it’s not the Holy Grail of hacking or anything, it’s just the ‘completion’ of the work done by TheSpecialist and Robinsod at the time which they refused to do themselves.

Don't brick your 360

The hack floating around at the time was only capable of booting PGR3, but the modified firmware for Xbox 360s with a Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943 DVD-ROM drive will now allow you to boot any backup. The hack simply works by patching the firmware to ‘lie’ to the system about the media code used on the DVD, so it actually believes it is an original disc.

Willing to give it a try? As Robinsod already confirmed at the time, Xbox-Scene repeats Microsoft will be able to detect the hack:

Can Microsoft detect it via Xbox LIVE? They probably can … and when they start checking they will probably act like with the Xbox1, ban your Xbox 360 console serial from the LIVE servers … or maybe even more, who knows what they are planning. You’ve been warned!

So trying this hack out on your precious 360 will very, very probably turn it into a 3.8kg paperweight only capable of playing games offline that were released between 360 launch and May 2006. Or even worse, if you screw up on the complex flashing process, a 3.8kg bricked paperweight capable of nothing whatsoever. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 360 firmware hack downloadable newsvine:Xbox 360 firmware hack downloadable furl:Xbox 360 firmware hack downloadable reddit:Xbox 360 firmware hack downloadable fark:Xbox 360 firmware hack downloadable Y!:Xbox 360 firmware hack downloadable gamegrep:Xbox 360 firmware hack downloadable

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So the Cat & Mouse game begins. I hope the hack microsoft will detect the hack soon :D

Comment by andy on 2006-05-15 14:59:20 | Reply

Hi, I don’t think the hack hurt you a thing

Thought MS said the X360 was nearly un-hackable?

Well, it kinda was… If you look at how long it took them to hack this baby.
I still think it would be a bad thing if the 360 gets hacked. Or if it is, I hope you can’t play online or the whole achievement thingy won’t be worth shit! I like the xbox live service so much that I rather buy a 60eur game than download ten of them for free… Xbox live FTW!

It still is. This hack is not a usable exploit.

Comment by OcnewB on 2006-05-15 12:38:04 | Reply

The core security isnt hacked Only the dvd firmware drive has been compromised. It only allows to play backupped games. It doesnt allow to use homebrew applications (for example some soprt of xbmc or running linux.)
The hypervisor is still in control and so long the core security is in place i wouldnt say its realy hacked.

Comment by mihran on 2006-05-15 13:42:50 | Reply

Well the 360 hack will be tuned in time for November.. This is my opinion : Microsoft is very psyched and has a lot of plans for the 360..They will do anything for it to work. I believe that come November they will let the hack pass by and with the price reduced for the 360 they will try to make a trully average Joe console..that is the only way to beat Ps3..

Comment by Rick on 2006-05-15 14:09:13 | Reply

I don’t think MS is afraid of hacks…

a) they can easily upgrade your xbox through live

b) who would want to have an hacked xbox that’s banned from live?

I for one will never, ever, hack my 360, as Live is one of the best things ever.
A 360 without Live is like a pc without a monitor, it’s just incomplete.

I totally agree with you!

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-05-15 14:15:53 | Reply

Well, some, for sure it wouldn’t be me, it is a reason to buy an extra 360 Core to run backups and never go on Live.

Put it besides the Premium which goes on Live not modded…

It’s a way and it costs 300 Euro’s. Not my way though, can buy at least 5 games for it

There will always be that core group of people that want to hack their console to do other things or pirate games. I don’t think that we will ever again see complete hardware platforms go under because of rampant piracy though, (Dreamcast, Atari ST, etc). The games are too large to download for the most part. Being able to boot Linux or MAME on my Xbox 360 is not what I bought it for, I bought it for next generation games. I too, hope that Microsoft cracks down HARD on this stupid hack.

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-05-15 18:13:53 | Reply

Too large for download?

8 GB’s? While many gamers and even normal ‘ordinairy’ people have connections from 4 Mbit, 6 Mbit, 12Mbit or even 20 Mbit in The Netherlands. I wouldn’t say they are too large to download, it’s doable.

The question is, if one wants to do it, the possibility is there.

I would be scared for my Live connection for sure and also just because buying games supports the platform. I would like to see the PS3 go down ;)

Comment by andy on 2006-05-15 14:37:30 | Reply

From where I Donwload this beauty?

This is not the place to ask for it, because we will NEVER give it out. And we even will not point you in the way where to get it. This hack is for Piracy only, and piracy is bad. :D

There is a good reason Xbox-Scene doesn’t link to the download, and for the same reason someone posting a URL on Xboxic will be enjoying an IP-ban pretty soon :)

Comment by The M.A.R.T. on 2006-05-15 18:15:13 | Reply

I suggest you go and use Google. So many sites bringing this news. And who doesn’t use all the other channels?

Comment by Black_Mage on 2006-05-15 15:50:36 | Reply

well the hack instructions is 1 A4 paper big
it it is really easy to mkake a mistake, so if you do want to hack you’ re box, i suggest you wait

Comment by B1ack Gallagh3r on 2006-05-15 20:02:31 | Reply

yo i think this sucks cuz if you think about it all people are gonna do is get the hack and rent games which means lost money for the companys that make the games which means bye bye games and bye bye ms so i pray microsoft catches.

“Ode to a Hacked Xbox 360″ (sung to the tune of “Brick House”)
by Clayj

It’s a bricked… box
I patched the firmware
Now I can’t turn it on
Cause it’s a bricked… box
The box is whacked
Can’t take it back
Dumb to install a hack.

It’s a bricked… box
It’s the one, my only one
I got it from Amazon

We play together all the time
(It’s getting harder to make this rhyme)
My box has got everything
To keep me playing all day, yeah
How can it lose with them chips inside
G5, ATI, Infineon, yeah!

It’s a bricked… box
I patched the firmware
Now I can’t turn it on
Cause it’s a bricked… box
The box is whacked
Can’t take it back
Dumb to install a hack.

RIP, RIP now
RIP, RIP now
RIP, RIP now
RIP, RIP now

It’s a bricked… box
I patched the firmware
Now I can’t turn it on
Cause it’s a bricked… box
The box is whacked
Can’t take it back
Dumb to install a hack.

Rock on :D

lol do it . DO IT. You Know you want to. muhahahahahaha ¬_¬

PIRACY killed the Dreamcast. don’t pirates brand you with there mark. Cool is copyright. Copyright is FACT(federation against copyright theft).lol beware of poor quality illegal video cassettes, etc etc.

Why not just buy the games insted of risking to pay 400 bucks for a new 360?

I’d say that in this case, the hackers did it as a Proof of Concept: To show that it could be done. It really has no practical value, other than being an impressive thing to list on your resumĂ©.

I have ZERO sympathy for anyone who hacks their 360 and breaks/bricks it as a result, or who gets banned from Xbox Live as a result.

Comment by Kaj on 2006-05-16 17:09:00 | Reply

I’m quite positive about this hack. It goes to show that NOTHING is unhackable; it’s obvious that this POC-hack is just the tip of the iceberg.

It took them long enough to persuade the original Xbox into doing things outside its standard bag of tricks and people who are not willing to shell out €20 a month (was it? can’t find it at the livesite, other than an overwhelming piece of marketingblurb, explaining why you can’t effectively do a thing with Silver, and you really should go for Gold) are happy that they can do more with their machine than Microsoft wants us to.

Now, it’s only a matter of time before another one of Microsoft’s walls will be torn down to have control over your own hardware.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m paying for the games I’m playing, but it would be very nice to do more with that expensive piece of kit sitting in your living room, other than what Microsoft wants you to.

I think it’s also worth commenting on what the definition of “unhackable” really is.

Sure, you can hack the console. These guys figured out how to do it fairly quickly. But the fact is that Microsoft can PROBABLY tell if you’ve done it, and lock you out of Xbox Live. By that definition, the console is unhackable… unless someone figures out a hack that Microsoft can’t detect.

Comment by Fugg YOUSE on 2006-06-19 00:15:08 | Reply

All you LOSERS are sons of w-hores….if no one is fugging going to tell anyone where to download this piece of shoite (why? is it your mothers cu*nt?) then how will people download it?

THIS is what persuades people to desperately turn to hacks and cracks and underground methods of doing stuff….

you know what? dont tell anyone where the firmware is downloadable. print out a hardcopy, roll it, shove it up your mothers cun*ts and another copy up your ass-es.

i got it from another website. *big finger* and i didnt even need to register on this piece of junk website.

Comment by happy gamers on 2006-06-21 02:10:20 | Reply

i’m already buy hacked version of 360 (from shop) + many copy of pirated games, i have PS2 ( with mod chip ) and more than 100’s copy of games ( sure not original ).
I living in Indonesia and here it’s not a problem. I dont bother about that’s morality, so what ???
I am living in paradise hahahahaha :-) :-D

well its hardly a hack as such it doesnt even qualify for a hack….all there doing to the console is stopping the dvd drive from sending security info by removing the ms security key from the firmware,hacking is NOT illegal like most think its a legitimate way of getting what u want or adding things from a peice of software you have…..cracking is however totaly illegal as this is taking a copy protected product/software and bypassing security features and altering the original code so much that it can no longer be deemed copyrited to an individual…if u crack software ur essentialy removing the owner of the software and converting it from paidwares to share/freeware without consent

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