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Xbox 360 Spring Update pictures

We are all looking forward to the Xbox 360 Dashboard update, and now Marjor Nelson confirmed again that the update is coming in “about a week”. Microsoft sent out some screenshots that confirmed the features listed on those Support Pages we posted on earlier. Screenshots of the new features after the jump.

The update will contain the following:

Xbox Live Marketplace
The Xbox Live Marketplace blade is getting a make-over making it easier to sort through the increasingly bloated offerings that can be found through Live.
The rework will include the addition of a New Media and Entertainment menu with the following categories:
New Releases
All Media and Entertainment
Movie Trailers and Short Films
Television, Music, Sports and More
Gaming Community Videos
Game Tips and Support Videos
Optional iPod Support.

Background Download Manager
Active Download will allow you to download games in the background as you do other stuff. Yes that means you can play retail games, or any other “full Xbox experience” during a download. The download manager will pause downloads automatically during multiplayer experiences. You will be able to rack up, up to six downloads at a time. Once one is completed it will go to the next. And you can see where everything stands with the Background Download Manager.

Control Marketplace Videos
The Marketplace video you download can now be rewound or fast forwarded at 2 to 16 times normal speed. You can do this with a controller or the Xbox remote control

Enhanced Photo Viewing
This will allow you to preserve folders on memory cards when you transfer to your 360 and also tweaks the slideshow.

Music Player and DVD Playback Improvements

On the DVD front, the upgrade will add a feature called DVD Bookmarking, which will allow your 360 to remember where you stopped watching a movie and automatically jump back to it when you slap it back in after a few hours of GRAW. You can even turn off the console or unplug it. They’ve also tweaked overall DVD performance.
On the music side of things, the 360 will now remember where you were while browsing through your music. Also, now when you launch your music in the background, it will continue to play no matter what you are doing, even launching a new game or hopping around through the blades.

Dashboard Boot-Up
Finally, the update will add an option that you can set-up to allow you to boot up straight into the Xbox Dashboard instead of jumping to whatever CD, DVD or game happens to be in the console’s tray when you start it up.

Friends Status Update
Now, like instant messenger, if you’re away and your screensaver turns on (usually after 15 minutes), your Friends status will show you are away. It also will show how long you’ve been away.

Xbox Live Vision
Msoft will also be loading camera setting to the 360 so the Xbox 360 camera will be fully supported when it hits in September. You might notice some stuff in the menus you can’t use, but it’s there because it’s embedded in the update, you might notice things like a video chat option and the ability to take your picture and use it as your Gamertag image. Woo Hoo!

New media and entertainment menu
New games menu
New demos and gamevideos menu
New theme’s and gamerpictures menu
Background downloading option
Active downoads menu
Active downloads menu
Game video’s menu
Fast forward movies
More options for the music player
New startup option
New startup manager menu

Via Joystiq. 360 Spring Update pictures newsvine:Xbox 360 Spring Update pictures furl:Xbox 360 Spring Update pictures reddit:Xbox 360 Spring Update pictures fark:Xbox 360 Spring Update pictures Y!:Xbox 360 Spring Update pictures gamegrep:Xbox 360 Spring Update pictures

41 comments on 'Xbox 360 Spring Update pictures'

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Comment by WolfsNL on 2006-05-26 10:05:38 | Reply

Very pleased with this news. I’m really looking forward to background downloading, boot-up settings and the market-place make-over.

Comment by Slitherz on 2006-05-26 10:17:47 | Reply

so close… yet so far… this cannot come quick enough.

Comment by Studley on 2006-05-26 10:20:12 | Reply

I’m looking forward to Leeroy Jenkin’s Academy ;)

Lots of cool stuff in there that I wasn’t expecting (like automatically setting status to Away if you don’t touch anything for 15mins).

I wish the dashboard bootup could be a bit cleverer, rather than having to change something in the system settings it would be nice if it did it like Gamecube, i.e. if you hold A when you switch the console on then it goes to dashboard.

Comment by TobiM2000 on 2006-05-26 10:48:26 | Reply

Nice to hear they also improved the DVD playback…some DVD´s played quite buggy in PAL and 60Hz.

And the “Boot to dashboard” Option will be enabled from the first second :)

“This week”? That means today, doesnt it?

Comment by TobiM2000 on 2006-05-26 10:50:13 | Reply

I just read the original news on

He actually doesnt say “this week” but “in about a week”.
That´s a difference of one week :(

Fixed, Messiah gets a slap on the wrist :P

I’m not human. I don’t even know what weeks are. I don’t sleep, so maybe that’s the problem. I don’t even know what day it is :D

sw33t this is a great update :D
“Also the ability to take your picture and use it as your Gamertag image” :D
MS do listen to their customers! Unlike $ony!
Leeroy Jenkins download! Should be funny hopefully comes with the update :d LoL

and there is gone be NO language FIX for belgium on this update tuesday!

Comment by dirty duck on 2006-05-26 16:49:39 | Reply

your English seems pretty good so why not use English??

Comment by Wekko on 2006-05-26 12:32:34 | Reply

Looks like a great update. Finally they made a decent DVD/music player so you can actually use the fast forward buttons on the remote.

Comment by soul2soul on 2006-05-26 12:51:12 | Reply

Also I hope they flash all the pirates dvd-roms back.

Yeah me too, I guess they will since this update has been unofficially delayed a couple of times (it was supposed to be available before the E3 if I recall correctly). I assume they took that time to fix the firmware problem.

Sweet update, really liking the musci bit, and the more tidy Marketplace cotent.

Comment by Jmel on 2006-05-26 14:14:14 | Reply

I’m only confused on one thing, aside from the typical “wish they would have added xxxx while they were at it,” and thats that if they were adding ffw / rew support for videos, why not add it in the music player as well?!

hmm indeed

that’s a good point..
i noticed a PROGRESS BAR in the Music Player…if you can see that bar, you should be able to control it by using remote control…
if it doesn’t happen in this update, we can atleast expect that feature in Fall Update!

Also, now when you launch your music in the background, it will continue to play no matter what you are doing, even launching a new game or hopping around through the blades.

Finally. Possibly my biggest complaint is having to re-select my music when changing games/demos.

Also…screen…saveeeeeeeeeeeeer? (To the tune of “Ridge Raceeeeeeeeeeer”)

euhm screensaver is already in it.. its just a dimmer

Oh, that sucks. Hoping for a DOAX2 screensaver…

when you start MCX, it stops playing music!!


Media Center Extender

When you start -anything- it stops the music. But with this new update, you can’t stop the music. Your brother can’t stop the music. Nobody can’t stop the music.

Comment by tim on 2006-05-26 16:20:50 | Reply

isnt there suppose to be a big surprise?
i hope there still is a surprise even though im happy with the update that will happen in a week time.

Comment by mtbjunkie on 2006-05-26 16:29:14 | Reply

SF2-HF hopfully will come out along with the Texas holdem. I prey to the 360 gawds.

The suprise is, they release something on time.

TRIGGER M4N, +1 star

but it hasn’t come yet!! who knows if it really comes on time!!

Comment by NotToBeOutDone on 2006-05-26 17:56:52 | Reply

Is DVD playback better? It REALLY sucked before! They should try and give us upsampled dvd playback… common, it’s a triple core cpu! What not enough power?? And what about DIVX support?

xbox 360 is set to update twice a year so you can expect upscaling or upsampling in next updates but DivX(most wanted feature) seems to never be supported by Microsoft…
I always wonder “WHY NOT” DivX..if they can support MP3 why not DivX…
i think they’re afraid that DivX might beat WMV format..

no wonder DirectTV blade isn’t coming…
but how many things they’ve saved for fall update? well who knows? we’ll see!!

did anybody notice “Themes” in System Blade??

Oooooooooh. Wonder what him does…

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-05-26 20:44:45 | Reply

hopefully the themes under the system blade will enable us to choose some of the UI designs that were rejected during the process of designing this UI (look on internet, they’re there somewhere)
I would like the sphere type design they had

that would be awsome!! but i doubt it’s not gonna be UI Designs coz that is supposed to be a MAJOR upgrade to the dashboard and Microsoft must’ve showed it to us in those preview pictures…

well it can’t be simple shortcut to Themes coz theoratically it can’t come under System Blade, rite?

Let’s hope it’s UI Designs as you mentioned..


No, just a different way to get to your themes, as if pushing the guide button, then personal settings then themes was too much.

Comment by Zerodisorder on 2006-05-26 21:04:22 | Reply

I still want a tivo function or something, why else does the 360 remote have a record button lol …

it’s for your Media Center only works if your Media Center PC has a TV Tuner…

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