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Editorial: Xbox gems that need sequels

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We all know that the Xbox had its fair share of great games but for some of them it was really a generation too early. There are a bunch of games on the Xbox that scream for sequels on the Xbox 360, besides the obvious Halos, Ninja Gaidens and Forzas. We’ve listed 5 less-obvious titles for you to take you on a trip down Memory Lane and tried to check if a sequel is in the works. Oh how we loved you Xbox! Good thing Microsoft is ‘under-promising and over-delivering‘ with their backwards compatability support!

Phantom Dust

Developer: Microsoft Games Studios
Publisher: Majesco (US)
Releasedate: March 15th, 2005
Average Score: 8.3
Backwards Compatible: No.
What was so good about this game?
This game is hard to describe but great nonetheless. Panthom Dust was a weird mixture of deathmatch and RPG-like spells. Imagine a Yu Gi Oh type card game in which you use different spells but while running around in an arena in realtime. This weird fusion worked out pretty good and I played it for countless hours on X-Link. The game had a pretty extensive story mode with over 300 spells to collect which you could then use on Live/X-Link. The graphics were awesome too; the post-apocalyptic setting was as unique as the gameplay mechanics.
Why does this game deserve a next-gen sequel?
With the huge growth in Xbox Live members since the launch of the 360 this game should be a ton of fun. The arenas on the original Xbox version were not that big (if I recall correctly) but huge team-based maps should be no problem for the Xbox 360. Imagine World of Warcraft-style raids. If Microsoft could provide the right marketing for this one it should be able to sell well enough, I think a lot of gamers missed the Xbox version due to poor marketing.
How likely is a sequel in the near-future?
According to Phantom Dust’s Wikipedia entry there were plans for a sequel but the site doesn’t state a source. A thread on the forums of a big Phantom Dust fansite didn’t help out either. And if the fans don’t even know it I guess it’s safe to say that a sequel in the near-future is very, very unlikely. Bummer.

Phantom DustPhantom DustPhantom Dust

Jet Set Radio Future

Developer: Smilebit
Publisher: SEGA
Releasedate: February 28th, 2002
Average Score: 8.6
Backwards Compatible: No.
What was so good about this game?
JSR:F is the sequel to the Dreamcast cult hit Jet Grind Radio (or Jet Set Radio in Europe). The game was based upon a gang of inline skaters who terrorized the streets of Tokyo by spraying their graffiti all over the place. It combined a very basic control scheme for doing tricks on your inline skates with DDR type sequences of controls for doing the larger graffiti pieces. The original Dreamcast version was one of the first game to use cell-shaded graphics which fitted in with the rest of the games’ style pretty well. The annoying J-POP soundtrack was pretty memorable as well.
Why does this game deserve a next-gen sequel?
Ever since I played through the first game on the Dreamcast I wanted a sequel. While JSR:F was still a pretty good game it wasn’t the full blown sequel I was aching for. A 360 version set in a big open city (GTA) while keeping the same gameplay mechanics could work out pretty good. JSR:F always had a wide variety of street gangs which you had to battle, maybe the sequel could have some form of clan support? And using your own custom tags over Live would be great too.
How likely is a sequel in the near-future?
Atari released a Gameboy Advanced version in 2004 but the series died a silent death after that. There is not even the slightest sign of a sequel so don’t count on it.



Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Releasedate: March 3rd, 2004
Average Score: 7.3
Backwards Compatible: No.
What was so good about this game?
Breakdown was a truly unique first person shooter. It successfully combined melee attacks with gunslinging and did it with a really immersing story to go along with it. A bit like Half Life 2 it used a camera system that remained in the first person perspective through the whole game. For example: if you were low on health in this game you had to drink a can of soda. When you picked up such a can you saw your hands putting it to your mouth and your head tilting backwards to pour it in your mouth. Hard to describe but it worked. The game also had a bunch of weird parallel universe sequences like the ones in FEAR.
Why does this game deserve a next-gen sequel?
The ideas implemented in this game are really good and some of them worked out great as well. But the graphics were pretty bland, the level design was not really inspiring and the textures were all pretty gray. Besides that the game never really sold as much copies as it deserved, no big marketing campaigns etc.
How likely is a sequel in the near-future?
Don’t count on it, Namco has franchises that sell way better (Tekken, Soul Calibur, Riiidge Racer) to focus on. I didn’t come across any signs that led to believe that a sequel is in the works during my short research. Let’s hope MS fixes backward compatibility for this one soon so you can try to grab it out of the budget bin.


Unreal Championship 2

Developer: Epic
Publisher: Midway
Releasedate: April 18th, 2005
Average Score: 8.7
Backwards Compatible: No.
What was so good about this game?
It was a good console alternative to the Unreal Tournament series. It had a new melee system that allowed you to take on every weapon with your melee attacks. Melee and weapons were both equally as good and it was balanced good enough to work. The singleplayer had more of a story mode than most Unreal Tournament games and the multiplayer was a ton of fun to play.
Why does this game deserve a next-gen sequel?
I never had Live on my old Xbox and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Besides that, this game could really take advantage of the power of next-gen. The Xbox version could only hold 8 players in one match, a 360 could do something like 12 vs 12 (Battlefield 2: MC)? 12 vs. 12 incorporating vehicles and huge open battlefields would be awesome, please Epic?
How likely is a sequel in the near-future?
It’s highly likely that all of the Xbox experts over at Epic are working on Gears of War and all of the Unreal Tournament experts are working on UT2007. I actually hope that Unreal Tournament 2007 doesn’t get ported for 360 but that Epic starts making Unreal Championship 3. If they ported UT2K7 it would probably take another year or so before they started working on UC3, why compete with your own game? Besides that, I prefer an Unreal game made from the ground up for consoles, not some PC port. Get cracking on that BC support MS, keep on ‘under-promising and over-delivering’!

Unreal Championship 2Unreal Championship 2Unreal Championship 2

Burnout Revenge

Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Releasedate: May 7nt, 2006
Average Score: 9.0
Backwards Compatible: No, you’ll have to pay $40 for a port.
What was so good about this game?
Arcade racing at its best. The Burnout series require no introduction. The game had a really high fun factor and ran at an extremely high pace. Crashing into opponents at 180 mph is just plain fun.
Why does this game deserve a next-gen sequel?
Burnout could really benefit from the physics that next-gen consoles can handle. Full Auto already showed a bit of what could be done and I’m confident that Criterion is capable of taking this to a whole ‘nother level. Some sort of free roaming mode as in the last couple of Need for Speed games would be awesome as well. Criterion already showed that they know how to implement Live with their port, let’s hope they take it even further with the sequel.
How likely is a sequel in the near-future?
EA is publishing so count on it, according to the Gamestop releaselist (if that’s anything to go by) it’s coming May 2007.

Burnout Revenge on the original XboxBurnout Revenge on the original XboxBurnout Revenge on the original Xbox

P.S. Cesar, if you read this, please make sure the BC team does as well? We know that making a game backwards compatible is a hard process and that you can’t make every game out there work but allow us to enjoy Xbox’s finest on our 360! Thanks! Xbox gems that need sequels newsvine:Editorial: Xbox gems that need sequels furl:Editorial: Xbox gems that need sequels reddit:Editorial: Xbox gems that need sequels fark:Editorial: Xbox gems that need sequels Y!:Editorial: Xbox gems that need sequels gamegrep:Editorial: Xbox gems that need sequels

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Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-03 14:20:42 | Reply

I don’t care for any of the games listed… A game that really needs a TRUE sequel is Conker’s Bad Fur Day… I was so disappointed bij the Live & Reloaded version… And my xbox broke at the same moment so I never finished Conker Live & Reloaded, will it please be fixed soon :D?

Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-03 14:21:51 | Reply

One more thing about the Sequel I want for Conkers Bad Fur Day, I want a cute squirrel! Just like the original, no killers like there were in the multiplayer… Why did they make them so “not cute”? I loved the original Conker’s multiplayer…

Comment by Wekko on 2006-06-03 14:27:50 | Reply

All I want is a remake of the original Perfect Dark… Rare worked on PDZ for God knows how long, and that wasn’t the game I hoped it would be. If they’d do a remake of the original with up to date graphics, online MP and some new levels (don’t care about new weapons, the orignals were badass) it would be awesome and I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Comment by JTM on 2006-06-03 14:40:53 | Reply

Wow, how can you guys say you don’t want Phantom Dust, that game was awesome. I was even one of the people that played the Japanese demo version over live throught OXM. That game is a must have for any Xbox owner.

Yeah the first 3 reactions are just another sign that this game went widely unnoticed. Such a shame :(

Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-03 15:31:11 | Reply

I would never ever buy such a game because it’s not my kind of game I love…

You and JTM are maybe lovers of the game… But if it had hype around itself, you probably wouldn’t like it at all…

Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-03 15:34:26 | Reply

What I tried to say: you probably only liked it because you didn’t expect anything, and it (duh) overdelivererd.

If you knew in advance what the game would do, you probably wouldn’t think it was one hell of a game…

What a weird assumption. I followed Phantom Dust for a long time, I think I was already following it before it got a publishing deal by Majesco. I pretty much knew what to expect.

Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-03 16:44:25 | Reply

It’s not weird at all… There are a lot of games that surprise people when they come out. They don’t expect much and by being surprised the game will be remembered as much better than it actually was.

I know it happens to people but to assume that this was the case with me is really weird since you don’t know anything about my knowledge of the game before I got it. Weird, weird discussion with weird assumptions…

Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-03 19:10:02 | Reply

I used probably and maybe… It just happens a lot and it really COULD be the reason you have nice memory’s of the game.

I’m not saying it’s like that.

However you probably didn’t have the expectations you had if you would wait for a popular game like halo 2.

Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-03 19:14:40 | Reply

One more tip: I have problems expressing myself in English… :P I don’t have the ability to make complex sentences(?) which is why I can’t tell what I exactly mean… So never mind, I understand your problems but I can’t explain correctly so I’ll just stop this discussion which indeed didn’t make much sense! :P

Hehe I thought you had a hard time expressing yourself in English, no hard feelings though :)

Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-04 12:59:55 | Reply


Metal Arms 2 , Rallisport Challenge 3, TOCA and Deathrow2 for 360. Now you’ve got yourself a list.

Comment by altodarknight on 2006-06-03 14:52:31 | Reply

What about deathrow? One of the best games on the system but had such a low profile. Most reviewers loved it and it would be great to see another. Would be great on live.

Deathrow was on my wanted-list but I didn’t have the time to include it anymore, I regret that choice now :P. It would be really cool on Xbox Live.

Comment by pandarus on 2006-06-03 15:02:39 | Reply

i played phantom dust and it just wasn’t for me. my main wishes for a next gen sequel would be for a new otogi. the originals had such highly destructible environments and gorgeous graphics, i just think a sequel on the 360 would be great.

Comment by Stonie on 2006-06-03 15:05:53 | Reply

I want a sequel of Kung Fu Chaos with online multiplayer.

Comment by Karel_ende on 2006-06-03 15:11:04 | Reply

Kung Fu Chaos would be nice as well! :D

Jet Set radio OMG the DC version was my fav

Dint really like the way the way the game went for the Xbox version, could either see an Arcade version of the original, or a new title.

Great game, great music. Multiplayer race/battles would be awesome :D

We also need another Silent Hill.

Comment by BadMon on 2006-06-03 15:20:54 | Reply

Give me another Shenmue Game!!!!!

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-06-03 15:32:24 | Reply

i love shenmue….i agree a sequal is in order, i mean they can’t just stop a story half way through. That would b like the matrix trilogy without revolutions or the Halo trilogy without Halo 3

Comment by DSK UK on 2006-06-03 15:33:38 | Reply

also kung fu chaoes would b great also…either that or fusion frenzy - both would have to be online

1. Banjo-Kazooie 3. BK2 wasn’t on the Xbox but since Microsoft has Rare we better see a large brown bear with some next-gen fur next year.

2. Destroy All Humans! 2. I heard this was coming out for the Xbox. Dumbest idea ever.

3. Ultimate Spider-man 2. Larger city plz.

4. Star Wars Battlefront III. Fix the online, nicen up the graphics, and when I fall through the lava, there should not be stars under it. My God, lava is not full of stars.

5. Star Fox 3. (SF64 -> SF:A -> SF3) Microsoft! It’s Acquire License Time!

My two cents. Good editorial Nino!

Comment by Mikeawesome on 2006-06-26 17:07:56 | Reply

As for 5, Impossible.

Nintendo owns the license to Starfox, not Rare.

This is where things get murky, when third party developers create first party “Icons” or develop games around said “icons”. Such as Rare’s Donkey Kong games, Nintendo owns the intellectual properties to a portion of the game, which makes a sequel dead in the water. I think, with Starfox, Nintendo owned the whole title, hence why they’re developing StarFox: Assault for the DS.

Please note that Unrealchampionship 2 isn’t a port! It was a whole from the ground up new game.
And i loved it. if this game would get BC i sure would be playing it day and night.

Yeah pretty poor choice of words, I meant console-cross over or something :-P. Fixed.

Comment by Kain on 2006-06-03 17:18:09 | Reply

The sequal i want is Legacy of Kain, one final sequal where everything ends, also i want Shenmue 3 im waiting for years for that game, a true next gen Shenmue would be awesome.

Comment by S7R1k3R on 2006-06-03 18:10:24 | Reply

Crazy Taxi and Jet set Radio

Comment by trj156 on 2006-06-03 18:37:42 | Reply

i never had live on my old xbox either, and i have never played doom 3 co-op.

Comment by aces high on 2006-06-03 18:56:21 | Reply

Burnout revenge was the best game ever for the original xbox. I didnt sell it specifically so i could play it on xbox live on my 360.

Comment by dmk on 2006-06-03 23:13:52 | Reply

I would love to see ROAD RASH re-done for the 360!!

Comment by JTM on 2006-06-03 23:58:51 | Reply

Burnout Revenge shouldn’t be on that list. The game was mediocre and there are so many of them that they get old, plus they will most likely have a sequel. I heard Enclave (sp) was an amazing game, I heard a sequel was in the works a long time ago, but am not sure. But Burnout deffinately wasn’t the best Xbox game. Rainbow Six was evolutionary if you played it in the day. The Halo of

I loved Phantom Dust…for about a week. You’re right about a sequel though….PD is an awesome game, but never had it’s due in attention.

Comment by aries on 2006-06-04 00:52:58 | Reply

i really always wondered why there arent any sega games backward compatible, like panzer dragoon and jet set radio. sure sonic is, but how hard is it to make emulation software for old genesis games?

and i think u guys left out chronicles of riddick. that is a game that like halo 2 would probably look better than most launch titles if they could get it running backwards compat mode.

Comment by swoosh bnd on 2006-06-04 02:03:45 | Reply

One game that is perplexing why there is no sequel is Crimson Skies. I (and many other people) would really like to see a Crimson Skies 2 for the Xbox 360, that was one of my favorites for the Xbox for a long period of time.

Comment by ONI 23 on 2006-06-04 02:48:48 | Reply

Links! I need a good golf game! :(

Comment by FOURTW3NTY on 2006-06-04 03:19:42 | Reply

Oooh, I forgot how great Links was.

Comment by ONI 23 on 2006-06-04 04:55:01 | Reply

Lots of courses, great physics… crap on-line audio though!

Comment by FOURTW3NTY on 2006-06-04 03:18:39 | Reply

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Comment by markey b on 2006-06-04 06:21:21 | Reply

definately jet set radio future, never played the dreamcast version but the xbox one i was hooked on , silent hill, fatal frame, and fusion frenzy was a great party game , specially playing drunk with a couple friends

Fatal Frame, or Project: Zero series got boring, Silent Hill and the Resident Evils wre better, I can’t wait for Alone in the Dark.

Comment by Nate on 2006-06-05 16:33:06 | Reply

Chronicles Of Riddick, Breakdown, Psychonauts, I-Ninja, and Fuzion Frenzy (Over Live) would be my choices.

Fuzion Frenzy on Live would be insanely fun….and I-Ninja was definitely an underrated platformer….quality level design.

Comment by Arnin on 2006-06-09 20:59:04 | Reply

I would like to note that anyone who says that Phantom Dust fans were surprised by the performance of the game are greatly mistaken. A lot of the long-time players started off by playing the OXM demo(it was a hidden easter egg on one of the discs). The demo was all in Japanese and nonetheless it was still a hilariously fun game to play. It wasn’t even originally going to be released in the US, if I recall correctly, until Majesco got wind of the reactions and agreed to publish it.

I’d also like to note that the comparison to Yu-gi-oh is a slightly bad one (no offense, great article). You don’t summon monsters or somesuch, you utilize a 30-skill arsenal of magical and/or psychic skills to combat each other. Skills can range from attacks, shields, stat skills, erase skills, etc. etc. and all are used in real-time. Some skills are even made for evasion of attacks(Dash) or navigating into better firing positions(Skywalk). For a good idea of what the game is like, I suggest looking about or viewing some of the videos at or the screenshots at

Both should help give you a better idea of what it’s like.

I screwed up, I’m not really familiar with Yu Gi Oh and I thought it would have fire spells etc. instead of summon spells. I stand corrected. I’m sticking by my point that PD could have been more successful than it was though. :) (and thanks for the kind words)

Comment by Arnin on 2006-06-11 07:42:52 | Reply

Hey, it’s a good article. It could have been more succesful though. Most the people that bought it were people that saw it in the OXM demo disc or the bargain bin >.

I’m really sad that stupid Microsoft bought Rare. Rare was releasing good games for Nintendo. Now their games are remakes or weird things… I’ve seen some pics of the third Banjo Kazooie game (if we don’t count the handheld console games) and Banjo is weird…

Sega should have released Jet Grind Radio Future on the Game Cube too… I love Jet Grind Radio. Hmm.. a sequel on the Wii would be really nice!!

Comment by Mark on 2008-06-25 21:21:39 | Reply

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